13 Facts I Learnt From the Vegetarian Society

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The main reason I started browsing the Vegetarian Society website was to make my mum feel better.

She was very concerned about my protein intake when I stopped eating meat and fish, so I thought some advice would put her mind at ease (and also help me. More research never hurts, right?)

It was the cruelty-free community and their stories/fact-sharing that led me to go vegetarian, so I hadn't really looked at what the Vegetarian Society had to offer. This was a mistake, because they have a whole range of free leaflets they can send to you about the environment, your, health, your diet, and animal welfare (or lack of it).

I found them really useful and informative (you can get them here!) so I thought I'd do a round-up of some of the facts I learnt. 

A few parts of this post might be upsetting for some  no one likes thinking about abattoirs  but I think it's important to talk about the reality of the meat industry, especially now vegetarian life is a key topic here on Toasty.

Vegetarian Society Leaflets

Cruelty-Free Make-Up for Spring

Monday, 20 March 2017

It's finally spring!

Well, I'm writing this while looking at the dull, grey sky outside my bedroom window, but technically it's finally spring and that makes me happy.

I've always liked spring as a season. The air feels fresher, you get those odd bursts of sunshine, and everyone seems to perk up a bit. I always seem to gravitate towards slightly lighter make-up, too  a little less eyeliner, paler shades of pink on the lips.

(Although on days like today, when the clouds are getting darker and darker every second, I might still be drawn to my favourite berry lipstick.) 

Today I thought I'd share the products I've been using regularly now the weather is brightening up a bit. As always, everything is cruelty-free and I've noted which products are vegan where possible  just look for the (v).

NARS Orgasm Blush

I Tried Making Energy Balls...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

... and I failed. Miserably.

Well, miserably if you consider it absolutely essential that they be perfectly round. They are energy lumps, which sounds like a bizarre, Black Eyed Peas-esque euphemism for breasts.

But all is not lost  whatever you want to call them, these snacks taste pretty good, so I may as well tell you how I made them.

I used the Almond Butter Oat Balls recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod. My failure, I think, is entirely down to me being too enthusiastic with the microwave when I softened the almond butter and coconut oil, rather than the fault lying with the recipe itself.

I wouldn't say the oat balls/bites (bites? I'm going to call them bites; it sounds nicer than 'lumps') were a particularly healthy snack  they're more like a (delicious) vegan alternative to chocolate or cake. They're tasty, moreish, and there for you when you need them.

Almond Butter Oat Bites

The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Manicure Session with Zoya

Monday, 13 March 2017

I'm a bit all or nothing when it comes to nails.

Either they're completely bare or I've taken the time to do multi-step manicure  there is no in between.

And I'll admit, most of the time my nails have nothing on them, because I just don't have the time to paint them properly. I don't really see the point in making the effort when the polish will be chipped in a few days.

So when Love Lula gave me the opportunity to try Zoya's Mini Colour Lock System*, I was curious. It claims to make your manicure last for fourteen whole days  quite the promise!

Zoya Mini Colour Lock System

17 Things From My First Solo Trip Abroad

Sunday, 12 March 2017

At the end of January I flew out to Dubai.

I'd been invited there to see if me working in the city could be an option and, well, I wasn't going to say no to that!

It was a trip I wanted to make without putting pressure on myself to write about it, which is why I've only alluded to it on the blog, but now I'm back I quite fancy doing a round-up of sorts, if only to let myself process everything properly.

I've spent the past six weeks going from pinching myself to panicking ('What on earth am I doing?!') because this is not the safe option. Working abroad is something I've been quietly thinking about since my second year of uni and now there's a chance it could actually happen. And that means uprooting myself.

Will I go back? It's too soon to say. So in the meantime, here's a list of all the weird, wonderful, and random things I discovered during my time in Dubai. Enjoy!

Burj Khalifa View

A Natural Treatment for Fine Hair + Alchemy Oils Discount Code

Monday, 6 March 2017

My hair can be a mess.

Dry ends, oily roots, itchy scalp  it's all going on up here.

I also have very fine hair which doesn't react particularly well to heavy, moisturising treatments, so I can be quite hesitant when trying new products, particularly on the roots.

But when Alchemy got in touch to ask if I was interested in trying their Grapefruit Hair Remedy(v), I was curious, because it's made for fine hair just like mine.

Alchemy specialise in hair oils, with three available to choose from (including a peppermint one for beards!) Their products are free from parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, glycols, DEA and TEA.

Not only are they cruelty-free, but they're also registered with the Vegan Society and certified by PETA.

Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

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