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A Shopping Trip with Mumma Toasty

I'm back in England for Easter and currently enjoying all my home comforts, not to mention making the most of being able to spend time with my family and friends here. Something my mum and I love to do together is go shopping, so I thought I'd show you what I bought on our trip. She's the perfect shopping partner because she's not afraid to say what looks good and what looks absolutely terrible!

Shopping Trip

I thought it was about time to see whether double cleansing worked for me, plus I've been wanting to try a facial oil for a while. I haven't read a single bad thing about the Super Facialist range so I have high hopes.

My t-zone has been really clogged lately, and I wanted something that would help to sort it out. My beloved tea tree oil is still brilliant for drying out spots, as is toothpaste in an emergency, but I also have a few blackheads on my nose and chin. Yummy. I'm hoping that regular use of this mask will help to keep my pores clear and any blemishes at bay.

This was recommended to me as a good brush for applying bronzer as well as blusher, and I'm loving it so far 
 it's a great size and shape. In last week's #bbloggers chat I asked what other brushes by Real Techniques you'd recommend, and several people suggested the Setting Brush and the Expert Face Brush, so they are now on my wishlist.

Blue Bag

Royal Blue Bag, £20, Next
I was very kindly given a Next gift card for my birthday and picked up this lovely bag. I wasn't looking for one, but the colour caught my eye and despite the compact size it's surprisingly spacious inside.

I love my black everyday bag but sometimes it's just a bit too big  this is perfect for days when I need something smaller and as I wear a lot of black and grey it'll provide a lovely pop of colour (excuse the cliche!)

What have you been buying lately? Is there anything on your wishlist?

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