Barry M Giveaway Win!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I've only ever won one giveaway before, so I was really excited when Holly from Holly's Beauty Box told me I'd won her Barry M giveaway. I was able to choose three polishes so I picked Nail Paint in Matt White, Confetti Nail Effects in Marshmellow, and Aquarium Effects in Caspian.

Nail Paint in Matt White
The white shade is the only nail polish I've ever run out of and needed to replace. There's something so fresh about white nails that I just love, and it's a great base coat for bright colours or any nail art. Everyone needs white nail polish in their life! If I had to pick just one look, I'd probably go for monochrome nails.

Confetti Nail Effects in Marshmellow
Strands of pink and white suspended in a clear polish to look like confetti. This shade is so cute but the strands give your nails a bit of grit and texture, which stops them from looking too sugary. So far I've only tried this on my bare nails but I reckon it'd look great layered over coloured polish too  what shade would you choose? 

Aquarium Effects in Caspian
I'm very picky when it comes to metallics but this shade is stunning. A shiny gold shot through with hints of pink, it looks beautiful when it catches the light, and is more of a rose-gold in person. I find myself staring at my nails just to admire the effect.

Thank you so much Holly! Which shade is your favourite?

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