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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Body Shop Double Ended Blackhead Remover

I tend to get an annoying collection of blackheads around my nose and chin, so I picked up this little tool in The Body Shop. I've seen a similar one in Boots, but it was £10, and I didn't want to spend a tenner on something when I had no idea whether it worked or not. This one was £4, but as I have a Love Your Body card it only cost me £3.60  far more reasonable.

There are mixed reviews online, with some people claiming that the blackhead remover works wonders, and some people insisting it does nothing. I fall into the first category. The trick is all in how you use it; you have to open your pores first by using a hot flannel or steaming your skin (over a bowl of water, or by jumping in the bath or shower). You place the appropriate end of the tool round the blackhead or blemish and press firmly on the skin, which releases all the gunk inside your pores. This part can sting a little, depending on the amount of pressure you have to exert. You then scrape all the dirt away, taking care to clean it off the tool, and apply a spot treatment afterwards.

The amount of crap I managed to extract from my pores was ridiculous! I'm not joking: it was like an exorcism for my skin. My chin and nose were a little red and sore afterwards, and the tool leaves indentations in your skin, although luckily these fade pretty quickly. The redness takes a bit longer to disappear, so it's best to use the tool before you go to bed so your skin can calm down overnight.

For £4, I think this is an absolute bargain  much cheaper than pore strips  and well worth a go if you have pesky blackheads and blemishes. Just don't forget to open your pores first!

The Double Ended Blackhead Remover is available from The Body Shop, instore and online.

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