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Storing My Make-Up

I've mentioned what's in my make up bag quite a few times on this blog, but I've never really talked about how I store the rest of my cosmetics. I used to just keep them in the various make up bags I'd collected over the years, but that took up too much room, especially when the time came for me to pack up my life and head off to university. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with all my make up, until I remembered I'd kept the boxes from a couple of Models Own orders, just in case they were useful.

Storing My Eye Make Up

And useful they have been! They're big enough for me to store everything neatly, but they're compact enough to store (and pack in a suitcase) without taking up too much space. The dream one day is to get some of those Muji drawers but it's just not practical at this point in time. I have to admit, once upon a time the amount of room in these boxes wouldn't have been adequate, but since I went on a spending ban and ending up streamlining my collection somewhat it's become the perfect size. 

Storing My Lip Products

Not all of my make up is with me at uni, some of it is at home, but moving away has taught me that you don't need as much stuff as you think you do. I might even have a further clear-out after Christmas; I don't think there's any point holding on to products I no longer use (or those that have passed their expiry date). Then again, I often find myself keeping unusual shades of lipstick, 'just in case' I find myself presented with the perfect opportunity to wear them! You never know, do you?

How do you store your make up? Have you ever found yourself holding on to make up you rarely use? Let me know in the comments!

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