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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Me & Zena Birth Stone Midi Rings

These Me & Zena midi rings were a Christmas present from my aunt, and they're too cute not to share!

I love midi rings. Normal rings rarely fit me right — they're either too tight or too loose — whereas midi rings sit comfortably above my knuckles and feel much more secure. I also love how delicate they are. The odd statement necklace aside, I've never really been a fan of large jewellery. On other people, hell yes. On me? Not so much. I'm quite petite, so it can swamp me if I'm not careful.

I've always been drawn to the idea of birth stones, probably because mine is blue, my favourite colour. (A little superficial? Maybe!) I'm a March baby, which means my birth stone is aquamarine. The crystal on this ring is such a beautiful shade of blue, and although it doesn't really go with every colour in my wardrobe it's so petite that I don't think it matters.

I just have to mention the presentation, which apparently didn't cost any extra. The rings arrived in a cute velvet drawstring bag, which was stored inside a plastic case. I've kept them both, as it just makes storing them that much easier.

As this was a gift, I don't have any experience of customer service from Me & Zena, but my aunt did mention how quickly the parcel arrived. She ordered it one afternoon and it was there the next day, even though she only selected standard delivery. How good is that? I'll definitely be browsing the Me & Zena website in future, these rings are beautiful and I'm all for reliable service (who isn't?!)

You can find the Me & Zena website here

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