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Moroccanoil Volume Essentials Mini Kit

If you've been a reader of Toasty for a while, you'll be aware of how much trouble my scalp can cause me. It's quite sensitive, and it really doesn't take much to irritate it. Over the summer it's not too bad but in winter it can give me some serious grief, and this year has been no different. One day, while I was browsing on Buzzfeed, I came across this article and it recommended that people with fine hair avoid products with sulphates in them.

I'd been to the hairdresser a few days before, and they used the most amazing Moroccanoil mousse. I'd been considering trying some products by the brand for a while so that seemed like a good place to start. As it turns out, they do sample-sized kits, which each contain a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask and a bottle of oil, and the products are all free from sulphates (as well as parabens). I picked up the Volume Essentials Mini Kit, which costs £19.75 from Feel Unique. Here's what I thought.

Extra Volume Shampoo (70ml)
This creates more of a foam instead of the soapy lather you would usually associate with shampoos, but it still left my hair feeling really clean. My scalp is a lot calmer since I started using this too, and I've noticed that it doesn't get greasy so quickly. If I could only have one product out of these four, I'd pick this one.

Extra Volume Conditioner (70ml)

Light, but still hydrating enough for the ends of my hair. My curls definitely had more oomph too. In fact, I'd say the conditioner is better at creating volume than the shampoo!

Light Hydrating Mask (75ml)

The texture of this reminds me more of moisturiser than it does a hair mask, but don't let that put you off. I left this on for about five minutes before I rinsed it out, and afterwards the ends felt really soft, and they looked so healthy. Thick hair may need something a little more substantial, but for fine-haired ladies this is a dream. 

Moroccanoil Treatment Light (25ml)

Now I get why everyone raves about this stuff! I'm glad I got the light version, because I think the normal version would leave my hair feeling really greasy, but a tiny bit of this makes my hair feel silky and smooth — I couldn't stop touching it! The bottle is absolutely dinky, but my hair is just above my shoulders and very fine so it should last me a while. 

Moroccanoil also make a Repair Essentials Mini Kit, £23, which is probably more suited to thicker hair.

Have you tried any Moroccanoil products? Is there anything you'd like to try from this kit? Let me know in the comments!

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