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Friday, 6 February 2015

I first discovered Erin's blog Two Thirds Hazel through the Blogmopolitan Quiz, which I think is such a fun idea (the next one is coming up soon!), so when I saw the new Non-Blogmopolitan Quiz I decided to fill it out. Feel free to do the same (and remember to link back to this post). Enjoy!

1. Something you will...

Refuse to do for the rest of your life: Go on a proper camping holiday. Ew.
Always do forever: Write. The dream is to be able to write for a living, but even if that never happens I will always make the time for it, be it through blogging or just writing for myself.

2. Something you think is...

Certifiably disgusting: The dust that settles behind my desk is pretty gross, to put it mildly.  
Absolutely amazing: Nachos. Give me all of the nachos please.

Pulled Pork Nachos
It took me ages to find a picture because most of them were of recipes for healthy versions. I don't want the healthy versions, I want my nachos drowned in a sea of sauce and cheese!

3. A compliment you've been given that's made you...
Feel on top of the world: 'I'm reading a book, and he's describing a beautiful girl, and it made me think of you.'
Pretty upset: 'You're so skinny! You could be anorexic.' Seriously, this was genuinely meant to be a compliment. Anorexia is an illness. It is not something to be trivialised, and it just goes to show how messed up our society can be if looking like you're sick is seen as being desirable.

4. A name you...

Hate: Tracey. My apologies to anyone out there who's called Tracey; it's not you, it's me.
Love: Phoebe. And not just because of the Friends character!

5. Something people say about you that you...
Know is entirely false: I've been accused of being a know it all before, I think because I get very excited if something I'm enthusiastic about gets brought into conversation (skincare, ballet, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar). But I would be the first to admit that I still have many more things to learn. Does anyone ever stop learning? No, and that's a good thing.
Think is on point: That I can be aloof. True, it's often a mask for shyness, but I'm not a very trusting person in general.

6. A taste you...

Can't stand: Tuna.
Can't get enough of: Pesto.

Look at that little face!

7. A song you always...
Turn off immediately: All About That Bass by Megan Trainor. You wanna champion curvy girls then go for it, but don't start with the whole 'skinny bitches' thing (see this post for a more developed opinion on this subject).
Belt out the lyrics to: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. You've got to, right?

8. Animal you...

Fear: Wasps make me shriek like a banshee, they're utterly evil.
Need in your life right this instant: A cute little puppy of some description. I change my mind about which breed I want every five minutes. Right now I love corgis.

9. Something you...
Will never ever eat: Dog meat. No. Just no.
Would eat for every meal if you were given the chance: I once went to a pub in Suffolk and they did the most incredible cheese tortellini, which was covered in cheese sauce and marinara sauce and served with garlic bread on the side. It was heaven.

10. To enhance your looks you...

Would love to, but would probably never resort to: Whether or not this would be an enhancement depends on how you feel about tattoos, but I've been toying with the idea of getting a tiny tattoo of a semi colon. However, I'm absolutely petrified of needles so I'm not sure it will ever happen (and I still don't know where I'd get it done).
Just stick to: Looking after my skin, grooming my eyebrows, and continuing to learn the best ways to apply make up.

Have you done the Non-Blogmopolitan Quiz? Let me know in the comments, and send me your links if you have! I'd love to have a read.

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