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What's Made Me Happy This Month? February 2015

I had more deadlines in February, and I've been very stressed about them, but I've been trying to take a breather from working occasionally. It's very easy to get swept up with uni work, but this month I've made the effort to be more sociable and I've felt better for it.

February Food Collage

Homemade vegetable lasagne; a description of myself I found on Instagram; food at YO! Sushi

1. Eating food with Giulia. Giulia is one of my housemates and even thought we live together, we don't see each other very often  both of us are very busy with university and our respective societies etc. But we decided to have dinner together (on Valentine's Day, who needs a man?) and cooked lasagne with courgettes, pesto, mozzarella, and homemade tomato cream. It could have been a disaster, but it actually tasted pretty good! We also went out for sushi, and although it took me forever to work out how you use chopsticks, it was still fun, and it was nice to eat some sushi that was freshly prepared.

2. Going to the uni's pub quiz with my society. I'm part of the team who put together my university's creative writing anthology and while the meetings are always fun, we're working and trying to put something together. It's good to take a break from that and take some time to relax, and hey  we won the quiz! Everyone enjoyed it so much that we've made it a regular thing (I'm developing a worrying addiction to the pub nachos).

3. England beating Wales at Millenium Stadium in the Six Nations. I live in Wales. To say that they take their rugby very seriously here would be an understatement. And after a rocky start, we beat them. I went to watch the game in my local and the atmosphere was amazing  I'm not a sports fan by any means but I found myself really getting into it, and I was delighted when England won. There were a lot of sad faces in the pub that night #sorrynotsorry.

4. #fembruary. #fembruary was created by Jacky from Do It For The Irony, and I think it's an excellent idea. It aims to get conversations about feminism started so we can all have a lively debate about the issues surrounding it, and I think that it's is so important that these things get talked about. I was delighted when she featured me in her post about the definition of feminism. I also asked my fellow contributors at Fem-tellectual what feminism means to them.

5. Speaking to first year students about blogging. Some of you might remember from last month's post that my lecturer, Barrie, asked me to be part of a talk about blogging (they're introducing it as part of one of the Creative Writing modules, which I think is a great idea). I was SO nervous. I rambled. I stumbled occasionally. I forgot some of the things I wanted to say. But I did it, and I'm happy that I did, because public speaking fills me with dread.

What's made you happy this month? And did you take part in #fembruary? I'd love some links to your posts if you did!

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