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My Make Up Habits: An Interview with Giulia

Time for the second edition of My Make Up Habits! This time I'm talking to Giulia, one of my housemates at uni. It's weird, last year we barely saw each other but this year we've become a lot closer, and I'm very happy about that. Recently we went shopping for beauty products, so when we stopped for lunch (sushi!) I hit her with the usual questions. Read on to find out about the worst moisturiser ever, why waterproof mascara can be a nightmare, and how to get the prettiest eyelashes.

Beth: What make up do you wear on a daily basis?
Giulia: Right, erm, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lip salve, foundation, and blusher, and that's about it. Oh, I sometimes use corrector under my eyes!

B: Do you have a skincare routine?

G: No. I just use moisturiser, and I use micellar water to remove my make up. Sometimes I rinse my face with warm water.

B: What's your favourite skincare product?

G: Clinique's Moisture Surge, I like the gel texture. It's the best thing for my skin, I think.  

B: What do you wear on special occasions?

G: Everything I said before, but I add eyeshadow or eyeliner. And lipstick. I use a nude one from e.l.f. Or, I have a light blue eyeliner with glitter.

B: Do you have a signature scent?

G: I used to, it was Jimmy Choo.

B: Which products, if any, do you never use? And what's the worst product you have used?

G: I don't use soap, and I don't use a scrub  I can't be bothered. I used L'oreal face moisturiser when I was younger, when I was thirteen, but I may have been allergic to it, coz it made all my skin dry up. I couldn't smile — it was that bad. I had to go to the doctor's for that. [Ouch!]

B: Any beauty regrets?

G: I used to have a Rimmel mascara, and if I think about that now, it's not good mascara. I used to wear the waterproof one, and when I used to wash it off it wouldn't budge, so my eyelashes would stick together. Worst make up ever.

B: Finally, do you have any tips or tricks?

G: The less mascara you use, the better your eyelashes look. If I wanted to look natural, I would just use a tiny little bit. It's better to build it up in thin layers. [I can vouch for this, she has the most amazing, fluttery lashes.]

Both Giulia and my mum have had allergic reactions to products, and it's got me wondering: what's the worst product you've ever used? Let me know in the comments, and if there are any questions you think I should ask my interviewees then please feel free to make suggestions! 

The next installment of My Make Up Habits will be posted in May.

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