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What's Made Me Happy This Month? March 2015

1. Sharing the blogger love. Technically, this happened near the end of last month, but I'd already finished February's  post by then so I thought I'd give it the attention it deserves today instead! When Katie from K NEL wrote about Topshop's Gloss Inks, I was interested to see what they'd be like. When she offered to send me one of them (which she wasn't using) I jumped at the chance to try one out for myself. What I didn't expect to find on my doormat was the gloss ink and an incredibly thoughtful card, all wrapped up in pink, metallic paper. It arrived at a time when I'd been stressing out quite a lot, so it was just what I needed to read  thank you Katie!  I'd really recommend taking a look at her blog, she's an absolute babe.

2. Finding a third year house. I haven't really been happy in the house I currently live in, so when I learnt that I could do something about it I jumped at the chance. Decent student housing is hard to find, and some of the places I viewed were absolute shitholes, so I was extremely lucky to find a room in the house I've signed up for. It wasn't absolutely essential for the property to have wood floors, white walls, or a bathtub, but that's what I've got, and you know what that means — I can use more Lush bath bombs! Oh, the excitement. 

3. Launching this year's creative writing anthology. I've been a member of the society which puts together my university's creative writing anthology since I started studying, and last year I was voted in as Co-Head Editor. A lot of work goes into advertising for submissions, reading through them and deciding what we want to go in the book, editing each piece, setting out the book for printing, and then organising a launch party, where we sell copies of it. Luckily, the launch (mostly) went to plan and it was a great way to celebrate everyone's contributions.

4. Being interviewed on Exposure Radio.
When Luke from Exposure Radio contacted me on Twitter to ask if I'd be free for an interview about my blog, I immediately said yes. I've been researching the possibility of doing an MA in Magazine Journalism so my head was in that kind of space, and it didn't really click that it'd be radio until Luke said he needed to script the show, at which point I got very nervous. But I went along and ended up really enjoying the experience  the hosts made me feel at ease, and it was interesting to see all the behind the scenes stuff. Thank you for having me guys!  

5. A spontaneous night out. I plan everything, and it really stresses me out if things aren't organised. But sometimes it's good to break out from your routine, and that's exactly what I did at the start of the month. After getting a last minute invite, Giulia and I only had an hour to get ready before we headed off to the SU for a night of drinking and dancing like loons. The best part? No hangover the next day.

6. Catching up with old friends. Last week I went to a mini-reunion with some of my uni friends who graduated last year (university goes so fast) and it was the funniest night I've had in a long time  my stomach still hurt the day afterwards because I'd been laughing so hard. We played Cards Against Humanity, ate tonnes of Doritos and cake (oh, the cake! Four layers of sponge  peach, raspberry, blueberry, and pineapple  with sweets in the middle. Amazing.) and drank cocktails, one of which was ultimately christened the Taff's Well Iced Tea.     

So, that was March, and I can't believe we're a quarter of the way through the year already! I adore Winter clothes and make up but I won't lie, I'm looking forward to Spring and some warmer weather (come on Wales, please can we have some sunshine?)  

Are you looking forward to Spring? What's made you happy this month? Let me know in the comments!

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