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What's Made Me Happy This Month? April 2015

April was an insanely busy month, and it flew by. During the first two weeks I was back at my parents' house, slowly eating my way around the pubs and restaurants in my hometown, and then when I went back to Wales I basically lived in the library, desperately trying to finish my portfolios before the deadlines. Thankfully I got all my work done, but that does mean I'm facing five months without a concrete routine. We'll see how it goes!

Prosecco and Lindt bunnies on Easter Sunday; a woodland walk with the fam; roast lamb at my aunt's house

1. Seeing family and friends. I only managed to go back home for two weeks over Easter, so I tried to make the most of it. It was so lovely to catch up with everyone  I swear I must have walked around with a massive smile on my face for the entire fortnight. It's amazing how spending time with the people you love can boost your mood. Naturally I always miss everyone while I'm away, but I'd been missing them even more than usual this term and being reunited with everyone was just the best treat. It was also a good excuse to go out for some food (you all know how much I love the foods).

2. Trying new pubs/restaurants. Speaking of food, I've made it my mission to try somewhere different every time I go back home; it gets boring going to the same places. I think I more than succeeded, as those of you who follow me on Insta might have noticed.

3. I finished my second year of uni! Yes, I know, it's ridiculously early, but my degree is coursework based, so I handed in my final portfolios last week and that was it. I can't believe I only have one year of my BA left; it's going so quickly, and I'm determined to make the most of the time I have left. I won't lie: I don't really want to leave Wales after I graduate. Moving far away from home was a gamble, but it was one that paid off and I'm really happy here. That said, food and shelter make me happy too (again with the food!) so I will be heading anywhere I can find a job if the MA doesn't work out.

4. Getting work experience. So, I stuck to one of my new year's resolutions and sent out emails enquiring about work experience. Buzz magazine offered me a placement, which I'm due to start at the beginning of June, and I was also lucky enough to be offered a placement with Media Wales, which I'll complete this October. Hopefully more should follow; I'll keep you updated.

5. Being featured in Jasmin's Sharing the Love post. I woke up the day the post was published with a stinking cold, and I was feeling pretty rough and sorry for myself, so reading it definitely cheered me up a lot! Jasmin's blog is one of my favourites, so I'd really recommend checking it out if you haven't already. The tech advice is particularly useful if, like me, you're a little bit clueless when it comes to that sort of thing.

6. Blogging! Once my deadlines were out of the way I sat down and planned some more posts, and I have looooads of ideas. Toasty is definitely becoming a more even mix of beauty and lifestyle, so much so that I actually changed the category on Bloglovin, and I can't wait to get stuck in to putting all my future posts together. I found it so difficult to keep things going while I was writing the last of my uni coursework, so to all of you who balance blogging with a full-time job, or any other commitments for that matter: you are amazing and I salute you. 

How was April for you? Did you have a good Easter? Let me know in the comments!

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