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My Make Up Habits #3 An Interview with Steph

Steph and I have known each other for nearly nineteen years, and she is essentially my sister, so it only seemed right that she'd be one of the people I interview for My Make Up Habits. Both of us were introduced to make up at an early age because of the shows we used to perform in at our dance school, but unfortunately that introduction involved bright blue eyeshadow and red lipstick — worn together. I'm happy to report that both of us have moved on from that look, as you'll see below.

Beth: First of all, what make up do you wear on a daily basis?
Steph: At the moment I'm wearing concealer because I'm having awful breakouts which I never used to get [snap]. I went through a phase when I was wearing concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and bronzer on a daily basis and then I got really lazy and couldn't be bothered anymore, so now I only put it on for special occasions.

B: Do you have a skincare routine?

S: I actually do now! Erm, do you remember that Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion  the one you introduced me to  I still use that, and I use Benefit's moisturiser. I have their under eye cream too, and that is amazing. I don't use it as much as I should.

B: What's your favourite skincare product?

S:  Hmmmmmm, I'd have to say, it's gotta be the Benefit moisturiser, it's lush.

B: What do you wear on special occasions?

S: Concealer, foundation  ooh! I actually have two concealers, one for under eye, and one for blemishes. I use Erase Paste for under eye and, er, it's called Boiing for blemishes. It really makes me laugh because it says it's industrial strength. Eyeshadow, eyeliner  liquid on the top, pencil on the waterline, mascara, erm, ooh I use a primer as well, two colour correcting primers. One of them's more for pores, it's by Smashbox, and I use the No7 one as well, which does the job of concealing the redness. I have a Smashbox powder, it's called Photo Finish, sets it all. I use Benefit bronzer, Hoola. I sometimes wear lipstick, sometimes don't, and if I use it, I use it very sparingly. I basically have a red one which I used to wear for shows and I dab that on, or I use rose tint Vaseline. 

B: Do you have a signature scent?

S: I wear, what's it called, it's a body spray, I don't really wear perfume. It's a Hollister one, it's something sands? [Silver Strand Beach Mist, it has manadarin, mango and coconut in  sounds lovely.]

B: Which products, if any, do you never use? 

S: This is a hard one! Erm... I know what it is. I never use eyebrow pencil. I actually own one, but I only use the brush side of it. Where my brows are dark anyway, it can be overkill if I use eyebrow pencil on them. I think it really changes someone as well. Maybe one day I'll find out the perfect way to do it and it'll be brilliant but right now I haven't and it just looks a bit silly.

B: And what's the worst product you have used?
S: I know exactly what that is! Do you remember when we were little, and there was that shimmery dust stuff? It went all over my room and my mum threw it out straight away.

B: I remember! Didn't we cut out transfers and make shapes on our skin?
S: Tattoos, yeah! How funny.

B: Aside from the shimmer stuff, do you have any beauty regrets?

S: Mine is probably when highlighting first became a thing, and I didn't own a highlighter, so I thought 'I know what'll be a good idea!' and I used white eyeshadow instead. That much contrast isn't a good look. And not finding tweezers fast enough. I look at old pictures of myself and I've got really odd eyebrows  really odd eyebrows. It's offensive.

B: Finally, do you have any tips or tricks?

S: No... [laughs] erm, my thing  I know it's around a lot and it's nothing new, but doing your under eye concealer in a triangle instead of a circle. I didn't think it would make much of a difference, but then I started doing it, and it does, I noticed.

I have to admit, until we started reminiscing I'd completely forgotten about the shimmer dust, but it was in one of those sets for children and we thought it would be a good idea to plaster ourselves with it. Well, if you can't get away with a bit of glitter when you're a child, when can you?

Did you have any make up disasters when you were little? Let me know in the comments!

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