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Friday, 1 May 2015

Yep, I went there with the hashtag.

My student loan may have just come in, but with a summer retainer, train tickets, and a new iPod to pay for (mine broke and I has a sad),  I am by no means rolling in it. I do have some work to do over the summer break, but it's sporadic. Oh, and I'm going to my first ever festival next month. I'm ridiculously excited about it, but festivals do not come cheap, I've discovered, so I thought it was about time I brought back the spending ban.

I did one last year and it was great, but it was really more of an experiment — I wanted to see if I could actually do it. This year I have a purpose *inhales dramatically*: I want to save money so that I can last the festival (and the rest of the summer) without getting broke.

So, what are the rules?


1. All beauty products, except festival necessities like sun cream, and anything vital I happen to run out of. By vital, I mean things like moisturiser and make up remover, not lipstick.

2. Clothes/shoes/bags/accessories (apart from socks for my wellies!)

3. Buying food and drink on the go. No Boots meal deals, no sun-dried tomato bruschetta and feta cheese dip from Tesco, no Naked smoothies. I'll be taking bottles of water and homemade lunches with me instead.

4. Graze boxes *sobs*

In short, anything that's not necessary (like travel costs) is forbidden. I'm allowing myself to socialize, because for the majority of May I'll be back home and wanting to catch up with everyone there, but I'm going to be strict about the amount I spend. No extra food (I'm guilty of ordering cheesy garlic bread as a 'small snack' when I go to the pub) and no pricey taxis if possible — I'll be relying on public transport and lifts from people (and by people I mainly mean my friend Dan, who is basically my personal chauffeur) instead.

I'll let you know how I've been getting on with #NoMoneyMay in two weeks' time. Wish me luck!

Have you ever been on a spending ban? Is there anything you're saving up for? Let me know in the comments!

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