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Monday, 25 May 2015

Guys. How many times have I said to you that I've finally found a shampoo that works for me, only to go looking for a new one a few months later because it's not doing its job anymore? Too many — I dread to think of the amount of unfinished shampoo bottles I've had to get rid of over the years.

But the fact is, my scalp is sensitive. And my hair can never quite decide what it's meant to be: it's fine but frizzy, which means volumising shampoos can dry it out after a while (which makes the roots go greasy as they desperately go in search of moisture). However, frizz-taming shampoos, which are normally designed with thick hair in mind, are too heavy and make my hair go limp and, yes, greasy. I can't win.

Moroccanoil's Extra Volume Shampoo had a promising start. It has no sulfates, and it left my hair clean and a little bit bouncy. But after two months or so of use, I noticed that I was leaving less and less time between washes because the roots would get greasy mere hours after I'd washed my hair. I try to leave as long as I can between washes, so I don't strip the hair, but I didn't have a choice because I looked like I'd dunked my head in a vat of oil. I also noticed an increase in flakes — massive, white chunks of skin were falling out of my hair (such a lovely image, I hope you're not reading this over breakfast).

This can't go on, so once again I'm on a mission to find a shampoo that is: a) cruelty-free, b) scalp-friendly, c) lightweight, d) frizz-taming, and e) inexpensive. Mission impossible? We'll see. Right now I'm using Lush's Rehab, which smells nice but can be a bit drying with regular use, so something a little more moisturising (but not heavy) would be ideal, and then I can alternate the two so my hair doesn't get bored.

Do you have trouble finding shampoo? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

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