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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliner (Waterproof)

After delving into the world of Makeup Revolution by trying out their eyeshadow palettes, the next stop for me was liquid liner. Liquid liner has been a staple in my make up bag for as long as I can remember  I've been obsessed with perfecting my winged eyeliner technique since the age of twelve (although at that point it was more for stage make up than everyday life).

Although it's something I use a lot of, I've always been very reluctant to splash out on a fancy liquid liner, so when I saw Makeup Revolution were selling a waterproof version for the grand price of £1.50 I just had to get my hands on one. And I'm so glad I did, look at this beauty.

The applicator is curved, which makes following the shape of your eyelid an absolute breeze. The tip is really thin, which makes it so much easier to perfect those pesky flicks, too (although I always keep a cotton bud and some micellar water nearby, just in case).

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliner (Waterproof) on eye

Not quite a clean, precise line but as you can see, I'm getting there!

Pigmentation-wise, the liner is a dark, inky black, and doesn't go grey over the course of the day. It doesn't flake, it doesn't smudge, it doesn't go anywhere really: in short, it really is ideal if you are a) short on time, b) a clumsy lover of winged liner, and c) can't be bothered to top up your make up throughout the day. The pot is teeny, which makes it easy to carry round if you do want to reapply, but rest assured: I've had mine for a couple of months now and I'm nowhere near close to running out.

For a mere £1.50, I think this really is a bargain, and an essential if you can't get enough of the good ol' cat flick.

Makeup Revolution's Amazing Eyeliner (Waterproof) is available here.

Are you a fan of liquid liner? Are there any other Makeup Revolution Products you think I should try? Let me know in the comments!

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