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Friday, 5 June 2015

Seventeen Wild Metallic Eyeshadow in Wild Nude

Wow, it's been a long time since I did one of these posts  the last one was in October! That's not to say I've been neglecting some of the older items in my make up collection, I just had quite a big clear out last year (speaking of which, it's time for another one) and there wasn't much to talk about.

But then I came home for the summer, and had a clear out here too. And I found an abundance of abandoned beauty products: some worth keeping and some that were promptly thrown away. These three products, as you may have guessed, most definitely belong in the former category.

Seventeen Wild Metallic Eyeshadow in Wild Nude (discontinued, booooooooo)
I've been using this practically every day, it's the ultimate lazy-girl eyeshadow. It has a creamy texture that applies equally well with a brush or your finger, and it's a pretty, shimmery nude which is just the right amount of metallic for day. Unfortunately, you can no longer find these on Seventeen stands, which puts me off using it too much in case I can't find a worthy replacement. Boots, you have broken my heart. 
Repurchase? I would if I could!

Soap & Glory It's About Prime Eyeshadow Underbase

Soap & Glory It's About Prime Eyeshadow Underbase, £8
An eyeshadow primer that has a similar colour to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly, but has more of a cream-to-powder kind of formula than a concealer. It makes such a difference to the staying power of eyeshadows — I'd say a good three hours' wear, at least, and even now I use it every day there's no sign of it running out. A little bargain.
Repurchase? Yes

Phil Smith Life's a Beach Sea Salt Spray

Phil Smith Life's A Beach Sea Salt Spray, £4
I'll admit, since having my hair cut into a lob at the end of last year I've pretty much ignored my hair's natural wavy texture and straightened it to death. However, there's only so much heat a person can take. Now, after washing, I give my hair a spritz or two of this and it makes my waves a lot more manageable while creating that undone, beachy look that's so suited to summer. Unlike a lot of styling products, Life's A Beach does not make my hair go limp. Since they are so emphatically cruelty free, Phil Smith is probably the brand I'll be turning to first in my search for a new shampoo, especially since I've rediscovered just how amazing this salt spray is.

Repurchase? Hell yeah.

Have you had a clear out or shopped your stash recently? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

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