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What's Made Me Happy This Month? July 2015

1. Wandering around my hometown with my best ones in tow. We got fish and chips by the seafront (well, they got fish and chips, I got a burger and some doughnuts), sat by the beach to eat them and then went for a walk as the sun was starting to set. It was a perfect evening, and just writing about it now is making me smile like a loon. It's days like those that make you realise what's really important in life and spending time with your loved ones is top of the list for me, always.

I have a new favourite happy place, and that place is Porthcawl

2. Taking a break from blogging. I ended up taking about a week and a half off and it was definitely needed. Now I'm back I feel refreshed and excited about it all again, which is what I wanted, and everything I was stressing about before suddenly seems very insignificant. A little breather can do you the world of good.

3. You. For entertaining me on Twitter and Instagram  I check each feed like it's a morning newspaper  and for being so bloody lovely.

4. The July issue of Buzz magazine. Everything I wrote when I was on my work experience placement is in there, including an interview with ballet dancer Carlos Acosta (never in my life has a phone call made me so frickin' nervous). One of the pieces I did actually ended up being the main story on the cover, which I got a huge kick out of. Now, if I could just find a job where I got paid for writing...

5. Making plans for September. Giulia and I are already arranging fun things we can do before lectures start (I do love a good plan). Top of the list? A trip to the open air cinema at Cardiff Castle.

6. Banana pancakes. One banana and two eggs whisked together and then cooked in the same way as standard pancakes, served with natural yogurt and berries if you're feeling virtuous, and melted chocolate if not. Delicious.

7. These blog posts: Kirstie's nostalgia-inducing list of noughties songs; Emily's list of helpful websites for bloggers; Mandy's list of things you can do on Sunday that will help you have a productive week, and an article about 'plopping' curly hair.

What have you been up to in July? Let me know in the comments!

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