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A Not-So-Serious Summer Bucket List

Before I start, I will hold my hands up and say that this has been inspired by Jasmin's post about her plans for the summer (I'd definitely recommend a read, she's got some lovely adventures planned!) However, for this bucket list I'm going to be focusing on smaller things, because why not turn my down time into some kind of achievement? Let it never be said that I lack ambition.

(I found this amazing rainbow ice cream on Pinterest, originally posted here)

1. Binge-watch Orange Is The New Black

2. Re-read the A Song of Ice and Fire series before The Winds of Winter is released so that everything is fresh in my mind.

3. Learn how to take decent selfies (for blogging purposes, and, y'know, for days when my make up is on point).

4. Buy a selection of backgrounds for product photos and mess around with composition so that I can mix up the look of my pictures (which are waaaay better than they used to be but could still do with some tweaking).

5. Cook the perfect risotto.

6. Eat lots of scones with jam and cream.

7. Buy and devour the new Princess Diaries book in one day #mia4eva

8. Try all the sauces and toppings from the Pork & Co menu. Current favourite is BBQ sauce and chillislaw — I don't even like 'slaw normally, but theirs is to die for.
9. Spend an afternoon trying out crazy hair/make up tutorials on Pinterest (and maybe blog about it... if I can actually do any of it!)

10. Leave a comment on every blog post I read.

What are your plans for summer? What would your not-so-serious summer bucket list include? Let me know in the comments!

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