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Review: Foreo Luna Mini

I can't pinpoint what exactly made me decide I wanted a Foreo Luna Mini.

Maybe it was the extra spots I seem to be getting these days, coupled with me wondering if my skin was getting enough of a deep clean each evening.

Whatever it was, when some extra money came my way over Easter I found myself walking into Boots and picking up the magenta version.

"You do realize how much that costs, don't you?" the woman behind the till asked me nervously.

Yep. £99. Gulp.

The Luna Mini is a sonic cleansing device. It has two sides, each covered in touch-points rather than the bristles found on similar products.

One side has smaller touch points and is more gentle, and one side has larger touch-points which are designed for a deeper cleanse.

The device has two speeds and the charging port is waterproof, which means you can use it in the shower if you prefer (and also rinse it without worrying). Once fully charged, it lasts for up to 300 uses.

Foreo Luna Mini (front)

To start the Luna Mini, you press the button on the front. You spend fifteen seconds on four areas of your face: your left cheek, your right cheek, your nose and chin, and your forehead.

It buzzes when it's time for you to move on to the next section, which I love because it means you can't go overboard and you don't have to faff about timing yourself.

I use it with Soap & Glory's Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk and wash it off with a flannel. I was a bit worried my skin would feel tight and dry afterwards, but it never does; it just feels really clean.

According to Foreo, the Luna Mini makes 8000 pulsations per minute and removes dead skin, dirt, and make-up residue. They claim you can see visible results within three days. I'd say it was more like two or three weeks for me, but it has made a difference.

The texture of my skin is so much smoother and the skin on my cheeks in particular is clearer than it was before.

Foreo Luna Mini (back)

It would have been foolish of me to expect the Luna Mini to act as a miracle cure for my acne, especially when it seems to be caused by stress and hormones.

I was warned about the dreaded purge stage (when your skin gets spottier) and I did get a bit of a flare-up initially, but this died down after about two weeks. Since then, I've noticed that my spots generally have a shorter lifespan than they used to.

Although £99 is a lot of money, there are several features of the Luna Mini that make me feel better about spending so much. I wondered about the spread of bacteria (there's a reason I use a fresh flannel every day) but the silicone is non-porous, making the device more hygienic than your average cleansing brush.

There's no need to buy any replacement parts either, which makes it work out as better value for money in the long run. I'm glad I made the investment.

The Foreo Luna Mini costs £99.

Have you ever used a cleansing device before? Is it something you'd splash out on? Let me know in the comments!

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