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First Impressions: The Organic Pharmacy Skincare

Skincare by The Organic Pharmacy

I don't really test out new skincare very frequently  what I'm using at the moment seems to be working *fingers crossed* so why mess with it? But I made an exception for The Organic Pharmacy (Elle gave away three of their products as a freebie) because I've heard such good things about the brand, including rave reviews of their most well-known product, the Carrot Butter Cleanser. I also love that their products are free from artificial colourants, fragrances, petrochemicals and preservatives, and they're a cruelty-free company too.

Rose Facial Cleansing Gel (Full size £45.96 for 100ml)
The smell of this is like a combination of roses and potpourri, which is neither pleasant nor unpleasant, it's just quite herbal. The gel has quite a thick, sticky texture and it takes a while to massage it into the skin, but thankfully it doesn't foam (there are no sulphates in the ingredients). I'd say this was more suited to a second cleanse.
Would I buy the full-size version? No. I'm very underwhelmed, and I like my skin to feel comfortable after cleansing. It's also hella expensive.

Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream (Full size £39.95 for 50ml)
This cream sinks in quickly, and gives skin a bit of a glow, although I wouldn't say mine looked radiant after use (that might just be my skin, though; I'm not sure). It has a smooth texture and is a good moisturiser to use in the morning, before you apply your make up.
Would I buy the full-size version? Maybe. It's nice, and I like the boost it gives to my skin, but I could probably find something more in my price range that does the job just as well. However, I'll definitely be saving this for weekends away.

Antioxidant Lip Balm (Full size £12 for 7ml)

Thanks to Jasmin's incredibly helpful post about beauty jargon, I know that the word 'antioxidant' is just that  jargon. But I love this lip balm regardless, because it manages to be rich and hydrating but also super smooth at the same time; there's no stickiness here. Despite the thick texture, it works well both over and under lipstick.
Would I buy the full-size version? Yes, and I'll be keeping this tube in my bag in the meantime.

A rather mixed bag, I think you'd all agree, and it just goes to show how useful sample-size products can be, especially when it comes to skincare. The thing about skincare products is that they can affect people in completely different ways  one person's meat is another person's poison, as they say. You might end up loving the cleanser, who knows?

Have you tried anything from The Organic Pharmacy before? If you got this freebie then which product was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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