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So last month Kay tagged me in one of her posts (check out her blog for a really interesting mix of all things lifestyle, including feminism, beauty, and politics). The challenge? To make a list of ten things I love, and ten things I hate. It sounded like the kind of post I could have fun with, so I got thinking. Challenge accepted.

10 Things I Love

Becoming more confident. The other day I ordered a Porn Star Martini without blushing, giggling, or feeling remotely embarrassed. Yay me!

Avocados. My favourite healthy foods are the delicious ones (shocker...) and avocado is right up there. As a dip, a sauce, on toast, on crackers... is there anything the humble avocado can't do?

When food is improved with bacon. Because bacon. My diet is pescatarian most of the time, which makes bacon quite a rare treat.

Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a person, not a thing, but I love her all the same. The entire 1989 album has been in my head for months now and she just seems like the loveliest woman. Plus I find the fact she's not afraid to show her enthusiasm and geekiness really refreshing  it must be difficult to do that in the public eye.

People-watching on the tube. It's not something I get to indulge in very often, but I really enjoy (sneakily) spotting people in the crowds and wondering where they're going, what they're doing, are they happy right now? I also love looking out for what people wear in London too; there's such an eclectic mix of styles.

Time. Having time to chat to loved ones, time to read, time to breathe, relax, and get ready to tackle my to-do list.

New stationery. It's a September tradition for me to buy a whole host of new notebooks and folders, in preparation for the forthcoming academic year. I suspect that when I leave education this tradition will continue regardless, and I'll just find other uses for them.

Blogging. Lots of things have changed over the past couple of years, but blogging has been a constant feature of my life, and I'm not sure what I'd do without it. I've made heaps of progress since I first started in 2011, and I'm proud of that.

Autumn sunshine. More bearable, I find, than the humidity we seemed to have a lot of over this past summer. It feels like the best of both worlds: I can wear my scarf and my sunglasses, and it's totally okay.

DVD boxsets. So entertaining. So addictive.

10 Things I Hate

My lack of confidence. Making phone calls, speaking to staff in shops, and generally interacting with humans is something that makes me very nervous. Normally I can push through, but there are some occasions when it just makes me panic. I'm working on it.

The fact it took me months to learn the correct spelling of 'avocado'. I thought it was 'avacado' for longer than I care to admit. Sigh.

When food is ruined with spring onions. Nope. Why would you upset my tastebuds like that? Why?

People who are sexist about Taylor Swift. 'She only sings about relationships'. So do lots of men, and no one feels the need to point it out. The majority of music is about love, sex, and relationships anyway, so what's your point? 'I'd hate to date her in case I ended up in one of her songs.' Treat her well then? (This is assuming Taylor Swift would ever consider dating a twenty year-old from dahn saaf who spits on the floor at regular intervals and thinks it's acceptable to grope girls in clubs, which she wouldn't because why would anyone?)

People who dawdle on the tube. I mean those people who think it's okay to stop in the middle of the crowd and make life difficult for pretty much everyone. If you're gonna pause, then find somewhere to the side. Don't, as one woman did, stop in the middle of the stairs to stare at the posters (I was behind her, I didn't stop in time, and I accidentally clipped her ankles with my heavy suitcase. She looked at me like I was Satan).

Time. Time passes quickly, and time doesn't wait for anyone.

I usually run out of storage space for my stationery. One day I'm going to own an enormous bookshelf for all of it, you'll see.

Blogging stress. Am I writing good content? Is it bad that I don't have millions of followers? Are three promotional tweets a day enough? Like everything, blogging comes with its own problems, but I like to think that the positives outweigh the negatives  I try to just get with it and have fun. 

Autumn wind. As soon as it gets a bit breezy, the skin on my hands starts to crack and bleed. Cue nightly handcream treatments (with a pair of gloves over the top).

DVD boxsets. So entertaining. So addictive.

What are your pet peeves and favourite things? Do you agree with any of mine? Let me know in the comments.

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