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Shopping My Stash: A Mousse, An Eyeshadow Palette, and a Lifesaving Cleanser

Before we get into the bulk of today's post, I have a confession to make. I had originally planned a post about Superdrug's cruelty-free false eyelashes, but after buying two packs and failing to apply the lashes successfully, I had to admit defeat. That's right: I've lost my ability to apply false eyelashes.

Anyway. In all the fuss of packing and re-packing and travelling back to uni, I forgot to bring my ultimate holy grail product back to university with me. I'm talking, of course, about the Ultrabland cleanser by LUSH, and when I realised I'd left it behind I nearly wept.

Balance Me Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser

Thankfully, I had packed the Balance Me Collagen Boost Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser, and guess what? It's a fine substitute. Creamy, gentle, and pretty good at removing mascara, the Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser has eased the pain and stopped me from having a minor meltdown. It doesn't quite have the power of Ultrabland  even though I've never woken up with panda eyes, it takes a bit more effort to shift make-up, and I generally prefer an oilier texture  but I'm content for now, and so is my skin.

Percy and Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse

Hair mousse scares me, okay? I used to use it for styling my hair during my dancing days, and it always left a really sticky, crispy residue  so gross. But Percy and Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse is different. I picked it up in a Love Me Beauty Box last year, but never actually got round to using it until now. And what a mistake that was! I wouldn't say that my hair gains tonnes of volume when I use it, but it does have a nice bouncy feel, without greasy, weighed down roots, and it looks a little bit more shiny. My hair also holds an up-do better in the days after using the mousse (it works especially well with plaits).

MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Finally, I found myself a new/old favourite eyeshadow palette. I really do not need another collection of golds, browns, and grieges, but they work so damn well with blue eyes and they're just too pretty to ignore. The MUA Undress Me Too Palette is lovely, and I'm afraid I've seriously underappreciated it until now. My favourite combination is to use Naked (top left) as a base shadow, Reveal (bottom, third from left) all over the lid, and Exposed (bottom, second from left) in the crease. Sometimes I smoke it up by using Obsessed (bottom, second from right) in the outer third of the lid, too. Easy eye make-up, sorted.

What have you rediscovered recently? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments!  

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