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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

We're taking a trip back in time to my teenage years today  hence the clock. (I couldn't find any stock photos of smushed lipstick and there was no way I was ruining one of my own.) My experiments with make-up have definitely helped me to (slowly) learn what works and what doesn't, and I pick up new tips all the time. It was, and still is, a trial and error approach, and I will be eternally grateful that I went through my early teens before social media became the huge thing it is today. Since there are no photos (none I'd be willing to share, anyway!) I made a list instead. Here are my beauty mistakes.

1. The perfect eyeliner flick... and nothing on my eyebrows. Nothing. It's a surefire way to look like you're a Siamese cat and/or have an enormously vast forehead. Eyebrows pull everything together.

2. Dream Matte Mousse. Need I say more? Well, yes, actually, because I only used my DMM for dance performances and therefore using a relatively dark shade was (slightly) justifiable. What is not acceptable, however, is the fact that I then went out and bought a too-dark shade of Rimmel's gel/mousse take on DMM. This then settled in the dry patches on my chin, and when my lovely, no-bullshit friends pointed this out to me, I continued to wear it anyway.

3. Wearing lip gloss with massive chunks of glitter in. And I don't mean delicate, shimmering particles, I mean actual sequin-esque chunks. This type of thing always came in a tube with a rollerball applicator, remember those?

4. Picking off my nail polish. And thus making a small chip look ten times worse. I now take my nail polish off as soon as it looks a little worn.

5. Powder blue eyeshadow. No. Just no.

6. Thick black eyeliner along the waterline, worn with no other make up whatsoever. Hello small, squinty eyes, and hello to a teenager who is trying oh-so hard to look like a rebel when she's actually very meek and well-behaved (and looks about ten).

7. Using cotton buds to apply eyeshadow. Not to smudge it, to apply it. And then I wondered why it was so difficult to blend...

8. Wearing my hair in two plaits. On some people this looks hella cute, but it just made me look like I belonged in primary school. In fact, it still makes me look like I belong in school. Baby face problems...

What beauty mistakes have you made? Have you experienced any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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