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Monday, 12 October 2015

I first became familiar with Neal's Yard Remedies when I picked up their hand creams as magazine freebies. I love their hand creams, but I'd never really considered looking into any of their other ranges until recently. This, I quickly discovered, was a damn shame, because Neal's Yard make some excellent products. Curious? Here's what I've been loving.

Garden Mint & Bergamot Hand Cream
Of course, I had to start with this. The scent is garden mint, as opposed to peppermint, so perhaps it's more suited to spring and summer, but I've been using it and loving it so I don't really want to stop. My hands get cracked and dry as soon as the weather turns cold, but a generous layer of this before bed calms them right down.

Nourishing Lavender Shampoo
First of all, can we appreciate the packaging? I think it's so chic, especially the navy and blue colour combination. Nourishing Lavender Shampoo is a bit difference because, unlike a lot of volumising shampoos, this one also moisturises the hair. It doesn't lather up much (there are no sulfates) but it's easy to work through the hair, rinses out well, and is very kind to my scalp. A new favourite.

Bee Lovely Body Lotion
This stuff is thick, okay? It takes a lot of time to work it into the skin, and even longer for it to sink in  not one to use when you're in a rush! But here's the thing: it works. My skin is always ridiculously soft whenever I've used the Bee Lovely Body Lotion, to the point where other people have noticed (I got sucked into a 'feel my biceps' conversation. My biceps aren't anything special but the skin that covers them is, apparently). It also smells very sweet and fruity, thanks to the orange and mandarin essential oils. NYR are donating £10,000 a year through sales of this range to projects that will help to save bees, so buy this and you'll be helping out a good cause, too.

Rosemary and Cedarwood Hair Treatment
I wanted a silicone-free hair treatment, and this one fit the bill nicely: it's composed of lots of different oils. I used this overnight, and then washed it out the next morning. It took me forever, because my hair never really felt like it was free of all the oil, but when my hair dried it actually felt very silky and soft, and it frizzed up a little less too. Not enough for me to label it a miracle worker, but enough for me to notice a difference. Just make sure you have some time on your hands if you're going to use it!

What are your favourite Neal's Yard products? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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