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Skincare: New In For Winter

I've said previously that I don't want to make too many changes to my skincare routine, but my skin always needs that extra something at this time of year. I've added two products: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, and Dirty Works Perfecting Eye Cream.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil (v) is becoming something of a cult classic among bloggers. I use this on my face in the evening, just before I turn out the light, but you can use it on your body too  apparently, rosehip oil is excellent for stretchmarks. I've not tried this, because I actually quite like my stretchmarks  they're on my inner thighs and I think they're kinda cute. Is that weird? (In the same vein, I've never been bothered by my cellulite either, except when the lighting in the Primark changing rooms make the back of my thighs look like golf balls. Someone really needs to sort those lights out.)

Anyway, where was I? Aah yes, Pai. I can't really place the smell of the oil; it doesn't seem like something everyone would like, but it also doesn't linger. The oil takes a while to sink in, but I don't mind this so much overnight. When I wake up, my skin feels very soft, and it looks more alive and awake  the rosehip oil just adds that extra hit of hydration, which does wonders for tackling dullness. Oh, and it doesn't upset my acne, either, which I must admit I was concerned about initially.

Dirty Works Stop Puffy Eyes Perfecting Eye Cream

From a little bit of luxury to  handy supermarket buy  I'm talking about the Dirty Works Perfecting Eye Cream. I picked this up on a whim when I was in Sainsbury's (it was half price, and I do love a bargain) and I have to say, it was an impulse purchase worth making.

I don't really bother with eye creams much of the time  I'm a bit on and off about them  but I've been using this every morning and evening without fail. In the morning it provides a smooth base for make up, and in the evening it's soothing without being too heavy. Whatever the time of day, it provides the right amount of moisture, and it's free from fragrance, too, so there's no irritation. I can't say I've noticed the brightening effect Dirty Works promise, but I don't expect miracles from any eye cream I use: I just want a light moisturiser, and this one does its job.

What have you been using now the weather's colder? Have you tried either of these? Let me know in the comments!

(v) = vegan

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