Summer Holiday Shopping

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Well, this is something you haven't seen on Toasty before: a clothing mini-haul. This is because I live in black and white stripy tops, skinny jeans, and Chelsea boots or ballet pumps. Sometimes I really mix it up and wear grey (or navy if I really want to push the boat out).

I am rubbish at dressing for summer and I also haven't bought any summer clothes for a long time (with the exception of one top, which I wore to Parklife last year). But I'm going away to Lisbon soon, the weather here has actually been quite warm (bit too muggy for my liking though), and I've changed shape a little bit this year  it's been like going through puberty a second time. Where have these boobs come from and how on earth do I accommodate them?! New clothes were very much needed. (Everything is from New Look, which wasn't planned!)

Pineapple Print Bardot Neck Skater Dress, currently £6 in the sale, New Look
I love this dress so much. It's cheap (but doesn't feel cheap), is a forgiving shape, has a cute print (pineapples and flowers) and it's that gorgeous purple-toned blue which suits pretty much every skintone, including my Casper-esque whiteness. Life hack: the print is very good at disguising stains when you get overexcited at a family buffet. I'm just saying.

Red Abstract Print Bardot Top, £14.99, New Look
I'll be honest, I didn't really pay any attention when bardot tops first became a thing. This was a mistake because it turns out they're both cute and flattering  this one is loose without looking like a sack and I do love a cheeky flash of shoulder. The print isn't the kind of thing I would normally go for but I actually really like it, and the red sits really nicely next to my skin (although it probably won't look as cute if I get burnt).

Black Stripe Wrap Front Cap Sleeve Playsuitcurrently £13 in the sale, New Look
Well, I was never gonna turn down anything stripy, was I? At first glance I thought this would be too low cut for me, but it shows enough cleavage without me spending all evening paranoid that I'm about to have a wardrobe malfunction. Too many playsuits have ridiculously short shorts but these cover and skim over your arse without making it look like a boat, and the crotch doesn't sit too high either (no one wants camel toe). One of those pieces you can dress up or down.

Have you bought anything for your summer holidays? Leave your links, I'd love to have a nose!

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