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Hello! *waves awkwardly*

My name is Beth, I'm 23, and I was born and raised in Kent. I love gin, pasta, and pretty much every dog on this planet except chihuahuas (because I'm scared of trampling them underfoot).

Toasty started when I wanted to ramble about make-up with strangers on the internet, something I did because none of my real-life friends were interested. In 2014 I learnt just how widespread animal testing is in the beauty industry and decided to only use cruelty-free products from that point forward  I don't want any animals to die for the sake of my shampoo.

My focus shifted to cruelty-free beauty and this eventually led to me becoming a vegetarian. Recently I've been getting interested in eco-friendly products and a zero-waste lifestyle, too. I would say that it's a slippery slope but that sounds far too negative, especially for something that brings me so much joy. What I will say is that going cruelty-free is a step-by-step thing that's different for everyone. It can be overwhelming at first, so there shouldn't be any pressure to do it all at once  all you can do is your best. There's no such thing as the perfect, ethical consumer.

Outside of the blogging world? I spent three years in the Welsh valleys studying Creative and Professional Writing, gaining a first-class degree I'm very proud of. I commuted to London for a bit, spent some time abroad, and recently I returned to the UK to work as a copywriter. When I have time I work on what will hopefully become a non-fiction novel. I also like to read, do yoga and pilates, cook and eat (a lot)  I'm a homebody at heart.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Toasty was my nickname when I was at school. 

Beth, 24, UK. I'm a writer who loves books, animals, yoga, travel, and the Oxford comma. I share my experiences of trying a cruelty-free, vegetarian and low waste lifestyle, with the odd think piece thrown in.

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