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  1. All the writing on Toasty is my own, with the exception of guest posts I've published previously.
  2. I am not currently accepting guest posts.
  3. All products featured on from 1st March 2014 are cruelty-free to the best of my knowledge. I've had a couple of slip ups but the posts concerned have since been deleted, so please bear with me  I'm only human! If you spot a mistake then please let me know so I can sort things out as soon as possible.
  4. Where possible I'll try to make a note of whether a product is suitable for vegans  just look out for the (v) symbol.
  5. The products featured on Toasty are either things I've bought myself or products I've been sent to review. All PR samples will be marked with an asterisk (*) and the relevant post will have the label 'PR sample'.
  6. I'm happy to accept products to review, providing that they are relevant to the content of Toasty and made by cruelty-free brands. By cruelty-free I mean that the brand or any third parties used by the brand do not test products on animals, do not test the product ingredients on animals, and do not sell in China.
  7. All PR samples will be nofollow links, as per Google's guidelines. This is non-negotiable.
  8. As of March 2017, some posts will include affiliate links.
  9. All pictures are mine unless a stock photo is used.

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