Going Cruelty-Free

Why did you go cruelty-free?

In March 2014, I made the decision to stop buying products from brands that still carry out animal testing and/or sell their products in China.

I naively assumed that animal testing was no longer a thing until I read Hayley's post about why she wanted to go cruelty-free and realised just how widespread it was. In this day and age, when there are safe, effective alternatives to animal testing, it just seems ridiculous that it still exists.

I don't believe that it should happen for the sake of cosmetics and I choose to vote with my wallet, so to speak.

What exactly is cruelty-free?

Cruelty-free products have not been tested on animals, the ingredients in them have not been tested on animals, and the brand that makes them won't sell in China.

The EU outlawed animal testing in 2013 but it is still a legal requirement in China  that's why brands like Estee Lauder have disclaimers like 'We do not carry out animal testing, except when required by law'.

What about parent companies?

The parent company conundrum occurs when the brand in question is cruelty-free, but the company who owns them is not. Examples include The Body Shop, who are owned by L'Oreal, and NARS, who are owned by Shiseido.

Some people refuse to buy from any of these brands and some people, including me, will buy from the cruelty-free brands but not the parent companies. It's entirely up to you.

Are you vegetarian/vegan?

As of January 2017, I'm a vegetarian (I went pescatarian in September last year). I'm also trying to cut down on eating dairy products, with the aim of cutting them out completely in the long-term.

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