SmartSun UV Indicator Wristbands

Hands up if you’ve ever applied sun cream in the morning, felt smug because you remembered to use it and then got burnt anyway?

This has happened to me a few times now (most memorably in Spain  do not neglect the crease beneath your butt cheeks). So when the people at SmartSun got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in testing out their UV Indicator Wristbands*, I said yes.

I may be proud to be pale, but with pale skin comes a tendency to burn almost instantly, and it hurts. Any reminder to reapply my SPF50 is alright by me.

Smartsun UV Indicator Wristbands
How the band looks before you venture outside; my wristband changing colour after I’d been up in the Brecon Mountains. My forearms caught more sun than the underneath, which is why the top of the wristband changed colour quicker.

How do the SmartSun wristbands work?

You put on a wristband, apply your sun cream, then go about your day as normal. The band starts off yellow, turns beige when you need to reapply, then turns pink when you need to stay out of the sun (how appropriate).

Having something there to remind me to reapply has been a skin/lifesaver. Yesterday I was up in the Brecon Mountains, outside in the sun for a good few hours, and the wristband turned beige well before I might have considered using more SPF.

I wasn’t out long enough for it to turn pink (too much sun and I start to wilt) but the colour change is very noticeable  I didn’t burn at all.

Brecon Mountain Railway
The view from the Brecon Mountain Railway

Each wristband is adjustable, so children can wear them as well, and I reckon the bands would be a good way to teach little ones about the dangers of sun exposure and the importance of topping up your sun cream. I know the colour changes would have been a huge novelty for me when I was little, too.

What do you get for your money?

SmartSun UV Indicator Wristbands cost £4.99 for a pack of three and each band can be used once.

This is a bit much for every day (and it’s not like we get much year-round sun in the UK anyway), but I think they’re perfect for holidays, or days when you know you’re going to be outside for longer periods of time. I’ll be picking up a pack or two next time I go abroad.

Have you ever been badly burnt before? Do you think you’d find something like this useful? Let me know in the comments.