8 Beauty Mistakes I Definitely Made

We’re taking a trip back in time to my teenage years.

My experiments with make-up have helped me to (slowly) learn what works and what doesn’t, and I pick up new tips all the time. It’s a trial and error approach, and I’ll be eternally grateful I went through my tweens and early teens before social media became as huge as it is today.

Since there are no photos (none I’d be willing to share, anyway) I made a list. Here are eight beauty mistakes I made back in the day.

1. The perfect eyeliner flick… and nothing on my eyebrows

While people with bushy eyebrows could easily get away with this, mine are very sparse. Going heavy on the eye make-up and leaving your brows bare just makes it look like you have an enormous forehead  eyebrows pull everything together.

2. Dream Matte Mousse

We all went through this, didn’t we? I used DMM for dance performances, so using a relatively dark shade was (slightly) justifiable.

What wasn’t acceptable was that I then went out and bought a too-dark shade of Rimmel’s gel/mousse take on DMM. It used to settle in the dry patches on my chin and when my lovely, no-bullshit friends pointed this out to me, I continued to wear it anyway.

3. Wearing lip gloss with masses of glitter in

I don’t mean delicate, shimmering particles, I mean actual sequin-esque chunks. This type of thing always came in a tube with a rollerball applicator, remember those?

4. Picking off my nail polish

Thus making a small chip look ten times worse. I now take my polish off as soon as it looks a little worn.

5. Powder blue eyeshadow

No. Just no.

6. Applying thick, black eyeliner along my waterline and wearing no other make-up

Hello small, squinty eyes, and hello to a teenager who’s trying oh-so hard to look like a rebel, when she’s actually very meek and well-behaved, and looks about ten.

7. Using cotton buds to apply eyeshadow

Not to smudge it, to apply it across the lid. And I wondered why it was so difficult to blend…

8. Wearing my hair in two plaits

On some people this looks so cute, but it just made me look like I belonged in primary school. In fact, it still makes me look like I belong in school. Baby face problems…

What beauty mistakes have you made?