15 Little Things That Make Me Happy

After last week’s post about feeling the pressure, I thought I’d start the week with something more positive.

This list is by no means exhaustive, I just let my mind ramble and these are the first fifteen things I thought of.

  1. The way Russell Howard says ‘Wyclef Jean.’
  2. Going back home and going to the pub with my friends, and everything being normal, as if it hasn’t been months since we’ve seen each other.
  3. In-depth Game of Thrones conversations with my brother.
  4. When my mum and I are out shopping and she points something out, and then we both look at each other as if to say ew. Mother-daughter telepathy right there.
  5. Starting a book I’ve wanted to read for ages.
  6. Finishing a book I’ve wanted to read for ages (although I also feel a little bit like this child).
  7. When I mention a singer/band to my dad and he not only knows who they are, but likes them too. This is rare. Our latest mutual love is George Ezra, whose set was one of my favourite things about Parklife this year. When I told Dad he couldn’t stop talking about how much he loves Ezra’s voice. Lovely.
  8. How happy my dad is whenever he meets me at the train station.
  9. Helping a customer in the Cancer Research shop I volunteered in over the summer and knowing I’ve made their day a little easier. 
  10. Wearing my favourite Ted Baker underwear.
  11. Browsing in the library and having all the time in the world to do so. I can get lost there so easily.
  12. Having lunch with my nan. Fun for me, extra special for her, because it’s company now my grandpa is no longer with us. We’ve always had a bond.
  13. Mac ‘n’ cheese from Pork & Co.
  14. Any food from Pork & Co.
  15. Tequila. I know a lot of people can’t stand it, but I’ve never had a bad night on it.

What little things make you happy? Let me know.