10 Blogs I’ve Loved This Year

Hello everyone, how are you?

It’s very nearly Christmas, so I thought I’d share the love with a list of some of my most-read and most-loved blogs.

One of the best things about blogging, in my opinion, is chatting to everyone on Twitter and leaving comments for people. It’s a whole community and I know if I’ve been having a shit day then I can log on and be cheered up almost instantly.

The ladies below write wonderful posts and are all absolute babes to boot  I hope you find some new favourites (that is if you’re not following them already!)

Liza Tait-Bailey

Liza writes about life and her posts always make me think. I can be nodding along in agreement one minute, and learning more about something I’ve never experienced the next (Liza currently lives in Abu Dhabi). It’s the kind of blog you can pore over for hours, and I love that.

Have a nose: The Success of a Small Impact

Lovely Witches

I always get excited when I find another cruelty-free blog, and Lovely Witches has quickly become one of my go-to reads. I look forward to Gemima’s reviews, and I also really enjoy her interviews with other cruelty-free bloggers. If you’re interested in going cruelty-free then her blog is a must  there’s plenty of information if you’re not sure where to start.

Have a nose: FAQs about Cruelty-Free

Plant Basic

Steph writes about cruelty-free beauty  I love her honest, in-depth reviews  and she also posts her thoughts about life and shares snippets of her day. She recently went vegan, which is interesting to hear about, and I’ve started making a list of her delicious recipes to try (like these pumpkin cinnamon spice buns, which I intend to attempt before the holidays are over).

Have a nose: I’m Exactly Like Other Girls

Bethany Georgina

Beth’s posts never fail to entertain me and there’s a really nice variety of content. Beauty, blogging, life, lists  basically all of my favourite things. It’s the kind of blog you read and instantly relate to, but most importantly, enjoy.

Have a nose: How to Get Your Creative Mojo Back

Phases of Robyn

The way Robyn dresses is everything, and I now check Nobody’s Child on a regular basis, like some kind of addict. There’s a wonderful undercurrent of humour in all of Robyn’s posts, and I love how chatty she is. You also need to stalk her on Instagram.

Have a nose: New Brand Nobody’s Child

What Josie Did Next

I’ve been following Josie’s blog pretty much since I started blogging myself, and I’ve loved it from the beginning. Josie has cystic fibrosis and she writes about it in a very human way (as opposed to a science-based perspective). I’ve learnt so much about cystic fibrosis, but I never feel like I’m being lectured; it’s matter of fact and it’s real. Josie also posts about fashion (love her sense of style!), beauty, books  there really is something for everyone.

Have a nose: National Transplant Week 2015

Jasmin Charlotte

Fun, chatty posts about life, and incredibly useful tech advice  pretty much everything I’ve learnt about SEO has been from Jasmin. She also goes on tonnes of really fun adventures, both in London and beyond, and I always look forward to seeing what she’s been up to.

Have a nose: The Blogger’s Guide to SEO Series

Cliona Hill

Sometimes I find fashion blogs to be a bit out of reach, but Cliona dresses in a way which is both stylish and attainable, and she looks (and is) utterly lovely.

Have a nose: Christmas Shopping

Life & Loves

The perfect mix of lifestyle, advice for students, and recipes (a whole post dedicated to different ways to make mac ‘n’ cheese? Yes please). Chloe happens to study in my hometown, too, so I like seeing what she’s been up to while she’s there.

Have a nose: University: Final Year So Far

Life Outside London

Michelle has an amazing way of writing exactly what I’m thinking but much more eloquently, especially when it comes to current affairs  I find myself agreeing with everything she says. You want a blog with wonderful writing? Look no further. (Plus, her dogs are the cutest.)

Have a nose: The Thing About People Is…

That’s all from me until Monday. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or just enjoying some well-deserved time off, I hope you all have a wonderful time! And do let me know about your favourite blogs in the comments.