5 Things To Do In January

Let’s face it, January can be a miserable month. The excitement of Christmas has gone, we’re all back at work/uni/college, and the weather isn’t anything special. Here in south Wales it’s been freezing cold and chucking it down with rain, although we have had the occasional sunny morning, too (they’re worth getting up for). Here are five things you can do to make January seem a little better.

1. Treat yo’self

To that nail polish you’ve had your eye on, or that bath bomb, or that book you’ve been wanting to read. I know it’s important to tighten the purse strings post-Christmas, but if you’re careful then the odd treat won’t hurt. You deserve it.

2. Go for a wander

When it’s not pissing down, obviously. Last week I left my phone behind and spent a couple of happy hours pottering around my town, just taking the time to move, breathe, and admittedly escape from all the work I had to get going with. But I needed it! The fresh air did wonders for my stress levels and I started my to-do list feeling refreshed.

3. Try some new food

There are a fair few restaurants in Cardiff that I want to try, but eating out is a luxury. Fortunately I can turn to the internet for some new recipes while I save up in the meantime. I’ve just tried making Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas, which are both delicious and very filling (I made far too much for one person!) and I’m planning to try out this Vegan Gourmet Mushroom Risotto next, albeit without the truffle oil and fancier mushrooms. Maybe it’s just better to call it Vegan Mushroom Risotto? Whatever it is, I’m excited.

4. Have a digital culling session

Culling is a vicious word, which is precisely why I chose it. Every so often I like to go through my Facebook friends and delete anyone who I don’t interact with or at least see occasionally, and I also go through Twitter and Instagram and unfollow anyone whose posts aren’t relevant. And what about those annoying promotional emails that pop into your inbox every day? Unsubscribe! Trust me, you’ll feel so blimmin satisfied afterwards.

5. Read that one book that’s always been on your list

For me, that book is The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir, and since I finally got my hands on a copy I have no excuse not to read it now. I can’t wait to dive in.

What will you be doing to ease the January blues? Let me know in the comments!