Goals For 2016 (and a New Blog Header!)

Happy New Year!

Well damn, it’s 2016. No doubt I’ll be writing ‘2015’ in my notebooks and then crossing it out until at least February  it always takes me a bit of time to adjust. I’ve scrapped New Year’s Resolutions in favour of goals (#goals?) this year. I try and stick to my resolutions, I really do, but I also have a habit of forgetting about them before Easter. Goals are more of a long-term thing, part of a plan, almost, and we all know how much I love to plan. What with my leaving university this coming April, I need to get my shit together.

So, what exactly am I planning to do?

Goals for 2016

Give the blog a bit of a makeover

I already did this  I planned to save the changes for the new year but I was so happy with everything that I couldn’t wait! I fancied getting a new template, which I ended up buying from KayLuxeDesign on Etsy. It’s right up my street  chic, minimal, and easy to install  so thank you! You may have also noticed Toasty‘s new header, which was designed by the wonderful Jemma from Dorkface. She came up with several designs, tweaked my favourite one until it was exactly what I wanted, and was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend her to you all  you can read about the work she does over on her blog.

Make the most of my last days as a student

My time at university is nearly over (*sobs*) and I AM NOT READY FOR IT. Well, I am ready to leave the mountains of coursework behind, but after a rocky first year I’m finally enjoying the student bubble, and I’m happy. I like my classes and learn a lot from them, I have a lovely little group of friends and although my town is a bit quiet, I really enjoy going into Cardiff and have developed quite a love for the city. There are still plenty of places to explore before I leave.

Graduate from university, preferably with a 1st

I won’t mince my words: I’ve worked my arse off for the past three years and I want to see the hard work pay off. I’ll be doing my utmost to get the results I know I’m capable of.

Find an internship and/or a graduate job (or at least make progress with applications)

As much as I’m not ready to leave university behind, I also feel kind of done with formal education. The real world is beckoning, as are all the responsibilities that come with it, and I want to get my teeth into something that involves writing in one way or another. Blogging, marketing, press office  who knows? I’ve already sent off an application for an internship and hopefully more will follow.

Visit Giulia in Italy

My housemate Giulia lives in Venice outside of term time and I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy, so it’d be rude not to go, right? Good food and good company; what more could you want?

Overhaul my diet

This is not the stereotypical ‘go on a diet’ resolution, but more of an ‘I need to look after myself more’ kind of thing. The food I eat isn’t terrible by any means, but there are a few simple changes I could make: more substantial lunches so I don’t snack mindlessly, less dairy because it aggravates my acne, and less sugar. Nothing crazy, nothing unsustainable, just sensible healthy eating.

Do you have a list of goals and/or resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments!