Olivia from The Printed Parade and I having a lathering race with the Bunny Jelly; our little gang at LUSH

All things considered, I think February was a good’un. It got started in the best possible way: dinner and drinks with my friends back home. Is there a better way to spend an evening than chatting with your favourites over good food? I think not, and it’s extra special when there are cocktails involved. (I had a very large tequila sunrise. No regrets.)

I’ve had a huge amount of uni work to do recently (what’s new?) but I’ve also made time to socialise and I honestly think that has saved my sanity. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but when you’re having an all-day library session it’s a lot easier to get on with things when you know you’ve got something fun planned. One of my lecturers invited my friend Bobbie and I to do a guest lecture about blogging, so I was able to catch up with her, which was lovely because it had been a year since I’d seen her (she’s doing her PCGE and kicking arse). I also had a really fun day shopping (see I Bought… for more) and I got to go to my first blogging event at LUSH, which was amazing (I wrote about it here). So yeah, not bad at all!

I watched… The Dad’s Army film. I’d been majorly excited about it ever since I found out they were making one, so it was great to finally see it. I’m not gonna lie, I found it quite difficult to get into at first but I think this is because I’m so familiar with the original series.My brother owns the boxset and I’ve seen pretty much every single episode, many of them more than once, and I think they’re wonderful. Very of their time, but a masterclass in ensemble comedy  all the characters are fleshed out. I thought the film was very faithful to the spirit of Dad’s Army, with plenty of nods to the original show, and I loved that the women were more badass in this version as well.

I read… Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, master of dialogue. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really had as much time to read blogs as I’d like but I’ve managed to catch some brilliant posts, including Rihanna’s no bullshit guide to Google Analytics and Brianne’s Five Tips For Going Cruelty-Free.

I listened to… Charlotte OC. Hangover, If My House Was Burning, Colour My Heart… she just has some wonderful songs and I’m not sure how my iPod ever functioned without her.

I bought… new underwear. I kinda had to (although any excuse to buy lingerie and I’m there) because I went to get measured in Boux Avenue and it turns out I’ve gone down a band size and up two cup sizes (yes, two! Although  fun fact  you automatically go up a cup size when you go down a band size, so technically it’s only one, but let’s not let that ruin the moment).

Product of the Month: It’s gotta be Mary Lou, hasn’t it? True love.

How was February for you? Let me know in the comments!