Working On My Wings, and Other Eyeliner Stories

The one look I’ve always been absolutely obsessed with is winged liner. It started in my dance days, when a flick of black was a standard part of stage make-up, and has remained a constant feature of my make-up looks since my teens.

But winged liner and I do not always get along. As I’m sure many of you know, it’s a battle to get your wings looking exactly the way you want them, and even then there’s usually one eye slightly better than the other. So when Beauty Expert asked me if I wanted to try the Real Techniques Eyelining Set Collector’s Edition*, £19.99, there was no way I could refuse. I’ve been using Scotch tape to do my wings recently (best beauty hack ever, thank you so much, Em!) so I sat down with the brushes, some gel eyeliner and my tape roll to see what I could do.

The set comes with four brushes: the Pointed Liner Brush, the Smudger Brush, the Eyeliner Brush, and the Precision Liner Brush. I love a good slanted brush so I immediately reached for the Eyeliner Brush, which I find is the ideal cut and size to draw the wings themselves (other slanted brushes I’ve tried have been larger, and I find this makes life more difficult. Bigger, in this instance, is not better). I then use the Precision Liner Brush, which is teeny, to join the wing to my lashline and draw on the rest of the line. The Pointed Liner Brush is a little flatter and wider, and works better if you want a thicker line  I tend to use it more for drawing along the top lashline. The Smudger Brush has very densely packed bristles and is wonderful for smudging out a harsh line to get that smoky look. It’s also very good for blending out eyeshadow along the lower lashline.

I think this is a lovely little set, especially if you’re like me and always trying to perfect your eyeliner, and the pouch is ideal for storage when I’m travelling between uni and home. It’s good value for money, too, since collectively the brushes are worth £30 and the set is being sold for £19.99. I’d really recommend it!