Life Lately — Finishing University

Life has a funny way of ensuring things end before you’re ready, so I’ve been through the saying-goodbye-too-soon thing several times before. But this one is probably the most terrifying. Education has always been an anchor in one way or another. Your days revolve around school, the academic year, exams and coursework. Then, if you want to, you move on to higher education and, if you’re me, your days revolve around writing workshops, writing in the library, tutorials, assignment deadlines, and trying to have some kind of social life. You know what you’re doing for the next few months, if not years… until suddenly you don’t anymore.

Today I submit my last assignment, and then I’m done for good. The last time I was out of education, I was four years old. Needless to say, a lot of time has passed since then  eighteen years, in fact  and life is now very different.

I’ve been fretting about the future so much this year, but I’ve had some lovely comments from you all which have reassured me that a) I’m not alone, b) it’s perfectly normal to feel like this, and c) the end of university is the beginning of something new. So rather than worry (well, I will worry, but rather than worry too much) I’m going to concentrate on the fresh start I have in front of me. How many times have you sat there and wondered what life would be life if you could start over? I certainly have, and I have that opportunity now, to a point, so the best thing for me to do is embrace it.

With that in mind, here’s my new to-do list:

Job hunt/internship hunt. Perhaps the most important thing. I’m excited to get stuck in to something new (and I also don’t want to move back in with my parents for too long if I can help it).

Keep blogging. Now I don’t have to stress about university assignments I can pay more attention to my blog in between looking for work. I’m hoping to do a few more posts here and there, although I don’t want to force anything, and I also want to get back into Twitter chats  I’ve missed them so much!

Update my wardrobe. I want some cute spring dresses that I could just throw on but my top half and bottom half are so different in size that there’s just no point, so I’ve decided to look out for co-oords and separates instead. Everything I wear is very minimal and monochrome but lately I’ve found myself lusting after Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe (well, who wouldn’t?) and now I have no idea what to buy. Any recommendations? Let me know!

Graduate. I’ve officially registered for my ceremony and I’m so excited! It’s something I never thought I’d get to do (I was adamant for the longest time that university wasn’t for me, how wrong I was) so I can’t wait to finally get my degree.

How did you feel when you finished university? If you’re in the same position as me, are you ready to leave? Let me know in the comments!