Lunch with Pixi and a Look at the AW16 Collection

Pixi Glow Tonic To Go Pads

Pixi AW16 Collection

At the end of June I found myself in Islington, a part of London I’ve never been to before, at a lunch for Pixi by Petra. I showed up in my Primark pocket raincoat, flustered from finding my way to Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings from Angel tube station and with two massive spots on my forehead. I broke the ice by babbling something about the weather.

This was the first beauty/blogging related lunch I’d been to and I must admit, it didn’t feel real. I’m a girl from east Kent  it’s not every day I find myself sitting in a lovely London restaurant with the Pixi team, including Petra herself, bloggers like Sabrina from A Little Obsessed, and Caroline Hirons. I was brought firmly back to earth when I got home and had to wait half an hour for the bus, which was late, as usual, but let’s not think about that now. I prefer to concentrate on the delicious food (we ordered salmon and ended up with cod, but it was still good!), free champagne, and the conversation, beauty and otherwise.

The thing I was most interested in was Pixi‘s cruelty-free status. Luckily, Johannes, who I was sat next to, was more than happy to talk about it. ‘That’s been Petra’s thing from day one,’ he confirmed. ‘It’s inconceivable that in 2016 animal testing is still carried out when technology means we have so many alternatives.’ Preach. His picks from the range are the Hydrating Milky Mist (‘the perfect product for summer’) and the Glow Tonic  also my favourite  which he uses as an aftershave.

Glow Tonic To-Go*, £20 for 60 pads
This is exactly what it says on the tin (tub?)  Glow Tonic-infused pads. They are a lifesaver if you’re away somewhere; I didn’t take them on holiday but I did have them with me during our graduation road trip and it was much more convenient than taking a bottle and some cotton wool. You’ll probably know by now that Glow Tonic is one of my favourite skincare products: it brightens the skin, doesn’t cause irritation, and I’ve found that it keeps my acne at bay. It’s also good for when you’re feeling lazy because, tub or not, all you have to do is sweep it over your face. Love love love.

Hydrating Milky Mist*, £18 and Make-Up Melting Cleansing Cloths*, £10
These are staples of the existing range that I hadn’t tried yet, so I was very excited to see them in my bag! I love the Hydrating Milky Mist and like to use it throughout the day if I find my skin getting a little dry  since it’s in spray form it’s a lot lighter than a regular moisturiser but still provides that extra hit of hydration. I will never be a fan of wipes  too many bad reactions  but the Cleansing Cloths do feel a lot more saturated than your standard make-up wipes. I passed them on to my mum, who is obsessed and planning to buy more. In her words: ‘They smell really nice, I haven’t had any irritation, and they seem to get rid of more crap than the regular ones.’

MultiBalm in Wild Rose*, £12
A chunky crayon which can be used on lips and cheeks, pulling your look together with minimal effort (something I am always in favour of). Wild Rose is a gorgeous dusky mauve shade with just the right hint of pink to stop it from washing out my pale skin. The balm itself is easy to apply  so easy, in fact, that I can put it on my lips without a mirror  and it fades evenly over the day (you will need to top up after eating and drinking, but it doesn’t smudge). Definitely my favourite product of the bunch.

LipLift Max in Honey Sheen*, £12
This gloss has a lovely peppermint scent which I must confess I associate with the festive season. LipLift Max tingles without stinging and the doe-foot applicator is flexible, something I’ve not come across before. The fact it moves around more means it follows the shape of your lips, if that makes sense? It is little sticky but this feeling fades over time, so I can live with it. A pale nude shade, Honey Sheen works equally well on its own or over a nude/light pink lipstick. Probably not a product I’d purchase myself but I am happy to have it in my collection.

Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cobalt Blue* and Graphic Greige*, £12 each
I love these liners! They glide on, are incredibly pigmented, and set pretty quickly, staying put once they’re dry. Graphic Greige is a cross between grey and brown  it takes the ashiness away from the grey and tones down the warmth of the brown, so you’re left with a super-flattering neutral. Cobalt Blue is about as far away from neutral as you can get but I’ve become rather fond of it. I think brights like this look best when you do a really sharp line so I tend to pull out the old Scotch tape trick. One for summer nights.

Which products do you like the look of from the Pixi AW16 collection? And what’s your blogging ‘pinch me’ moment? Let me know in the comments!