A Charlotte Tilbury Splurge

I nearly used the word ‘haul’ for this post, but it’s not a word I’m particularly fond of and ‘splurge’ seemed far more appropriate.

I am not normally a splurger. I tend to buy a couple of things here and there, rather than all at once, and spending a large amount of money in one go makes me feel very uncomfortable, even though I get a thrill out of buying something new (shopper’s high definitely exists).

But I made an exception for Charlotte Tilbury because, well, it’s Charlotte Tilbury, and her make-up range is one of the most beautiful collections ever to grace this earth. I’d been saving up with the vague idea of treating myself after I got my third-year results back but hadn’t settled on what  that is until I paid a visit to the CT pop-up counter in the Cardiff branch of John Lewis a few months ago and emerged with quite the wishlist.

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Birkin Brown, £23, and Lip Cheat in Foxy Brown, £16

It all started with a lipstick, a lipstick that is remarkably different to the shades I normally go for; I like nude-pinks, classic reds, and dark plums when I’m feeling a bit bolder. Birkin Brown is none of those things, but I fell in love all the same.

Brown is a scary colour for lipstick, especially when you’re as pale as I am, but Birkin Brown has enough red mixed in there to keep it from washing me out. It looks warm and rich and very nineties, and I have a feeling I’ll be reaching for it a lot this autumn/winter season.

The formula is the Matte Revolution mix  matte but not drying, muted but still healthy-looking. Birkin Brown needs a touch-up after eating and tends to fade from the middle outwards, so make sure you reapply to avoid that horrible dark liner/light lips look that used to be all the rage (y tho?)

Darker shades practically demand a lip liner, so I went for Foxy Brown. It’s a tad darker than Birkin Brown and the formula is spot on. Waxy without dragging, it allows you to define your lips with ease.

Cheek to Chic Powder Blush in First Love, £30

The most finely-milled powder blush I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, and I should hope so with a price tag of £30. That said, you do get a lot in the pan and a fancy compact with a mirror  I enjoy whipping it out (ahem) when checking I haven’t smudged my make-up (a frequent occurrence, unfortunately).

The shade First Love is a pale pink with a slightly darker ring in the centre that, quite frankly, looks like a nipple. It gives my pale skin a beautiful, healthy, everyday glow and is easy to layer up if you want more of an intense look for evening. Simply swirl your blush brush around the compact and then blend into the apples of the cheeks.

Luxury Palette in The Uptown Girl, £38

I received the Dolce Vita quad for Christmas a few years ago and since then I’ve been having trouble deciding which one to try next. I finally went for The Uptown Girl, a stunning mix of pale sugarplum pinks and muted greys.

I actually find the grey shades to be a little blue-toned, but this brings out the colour in my eyes so I’m okay with that! And I’ve yet to find a better formula  they’re soft, buttery eyeshadows that blend together and stay there.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream, 15ml sample

Something that always makes me feel a bit better about spending my money is free samples, and I got three. The sachets I used pretty much straight away, but I held off on trying out Charlotte’s Magic Cream.

God, I really did not want to love (or even like) this. Unfortunately I fell head over heels, and I say unfortunately because the full-size Magic Cream is £70 a pot and I don’t think I could bring myself to spend that much on one moisturiser even if I could.

It’s so good though: thoroughly moisturising, quick to sink in, and it makes my skin look wide awake every time I use it, quite the miracle in the morning. My pot has just run out and I’m absolutely gutted!

Do you have any favourites from the Charlotte Tilbury range? What would you recommend? Let me know in the comments!