Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks: Sleek Matte Me versus NYX Lip Lingerie

It took me a while to be convinced by the whole liquid lipstick thing.

You see, I love traditional lipsticks, with their buttery formulas and their pretty cases, but I also really like the matte look liquid lipsticks give. theBalm’s Meet Matte Hughes in Loyal is my go-to come Christmastime, thanks it its festive red shade, but the rest of the year I like something a little less high maintenance. In the end I picked up two shades I’d heard wonderful things about:

But which one is better?

Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit; NYX Lip Lingerie in Lace Detail


Sleek: £4.99
NYX: £6.50

Winner: Sleek


Sleek: A square tube. The matte black top and minimal lettering is exactly the kind of thing I’m drawn to.
NYX: A round tube. I love the lettering along the side of the tube – it’s girly and fits with the whole lingerie theme really well.

Winner: Well, the Sleek tube looks more expensive in pictures, whereas the NYX tube feels heavier in the hand. Neither one of them have had any lettering scratch off while in my make-up bag. I’ll call this one a draw.


Sleek: A thin, doe-foot applicator.
NYX: … A thin, doe-foot applicator.

Winner: Another draw. There’s really not much of a difference between them in this instance.

Left: NYX Lip Lingerie in Lace Detail. Right: Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit.


Sleek: It may be called Birthday Suit but it’s actually pretty pink, and it gets darker as time goes on. Pretty, but not quite what I was expecting.
NYX: Finally! A pale pink nude that doesn’t wash me out or make me look like I’ve got foundation lips.

Winner: NYX

Formula and Finish

Sleek: Thin but creamy (the main ingredient is dimethicone) and not too drying. However, you need to take your time with application, otherwise things can get a little streaky.
NYX: Thicker than its Sleek counterpart and a little less creamy, but has a beautiful, even finish. It’s more likely to set in any cracks, so make sure you prep your lips!

Winner: NYX. I may have to slather on more balm but I like the finish of the Lip Lingeries much more.

Staying Power

Sleek: Fades to a stain instead of vanishing. Needs a touch-up after you’ve eaten but doesn’t disappear completely.
NYX: Will leave your lips completely after you’ve eaten.

Winner: Sleek

Can you apply it while sitting on a moving train?

Sleek: No
NYX: Yes

Winner: NYX


Sleek: 2 wins, 2 draws
NYX: 3 wins, 2 draws

Winner: NYX… but only just!

While the shade and the formula of the Lip Lingeries won it for me, I would still recommend a Sleek Matte Me if you fancy trying out a liquid lipstick. Both lipsticks are very good quality considering they cost under £10 and there are plenty of shades available to try!

Have you ever tried liquid lipstick from NYX or Sleek? Which one do you like the look of? Let me know in the comments!