Review: Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

Finding a perfume you love can be something of a challenge.

Finding a cruelty-free perfume you love? Even more so.

So I was delighted when I got the opportunity to try Monsoon Rose Gold* and found myself wearing it every day without fail.

Rose Gold is what I like to think of as a year-round fragrance. It’s light enough for summer but it doesn’t feel out of place now the weather has turned cold, either. The scent is pretty, fresh, and floral, and it develops really nicely once it settles on the skin. Sparkling lemon is layered with rose, tuberose, neroli, and cyclamen, while the base notes (Eastern woods, vanilla, mosses, musk, and balsamic amber, which sounds like a condiment) balance out the sweetness.

I have to mention Rose Gold‘s staying power: I spritz it on at about 6am each morning and by the time I arrive home at 8pm I can still smell it. Impressive.

The bottle is simple and classy, with a lid that reminds me of the perfume bottles my nana kept on her dressing table, which is a nice nostalgia trip. And at £24 for 30ml, it won’t break the bank.

Have you tried Rose Gold before? What would your ideal perfume be? Let me know in the comments!