A Month Without Meat and Dairy (Sort Of)

Four weeks ago I told you all how I’d decided to cut meat and dairy out of my diet, so today’s post is an update on how that’s going and everything I’ve learned so far.

I can’t remember the actual date I started and in hindsight I kinda regret not making a note of it, but my feelings were (and are) that I didn’t wanna pile too much pressure on myself. I think this approach is working well so far!

Tucking into bruschetta-inspired tomatoes on wholemeal sourdough toast. It was absolutely delicious but I stank of garlic for the rest of the day!

Giving up meat has been easy

At the start I thought I would miss pepperoni pizza, pulled pork, and chucking chicken into my pesto pasta. But actually, I haven’t really found myself wanting to eat meat much at all. I very nearly caved when I went to Honest Burger with my colleagues (even my head of department, who’s pescatarian, admitted that their burgers were worth slipping up for) but my friend Rachel, who’s vegan, told me to ‘Think of the face’ when I’m tempted, and it works. So I had the veggie burger instead and you know what? It was lush.

Giving up dairy? Not so much

I’m finding dairy so difficult to cut out  it’s everywhere! So rather than imposing a blanket ban, I’m taking one food at a time and finding an alternative (I’ll be compiling a post about substitutes once I’ve build up a good list of them). Sacla make a dairy-free pesto which tastes exactly the same as their regular one, so that was easy, and since I’ve found dairy-free butter and coconut milk I’ve been working on a recipe for vegan cheese sauce.

Dealing with cravings can be tricky

Normally I crave savoury foods like nachos with salsa and houmous with crackers, so they’re easy to cope with. But the other day I really, really wanted some chocolate  proper milk chocolate  and nothing else would do. I’ll admit, I eventually caved and bought a bar of Lindt Lindor, but I also asked my fellow #cfbloggers what they do when the cravings strike. The conclusion? I need to stock up on Vego bars, dark chocolate, Booja Booja ice cream, and mango sorbet. I’m also planning to subscribe to The Vegan Kind’s monthly box to see what else I might like.

I haven’t found a vegan cheese I like yet…

Lots of you recommended Violife so I bought a block, but it didn’t taste good when I tried to make cheese on toast  in fact, it tasted like plastic. I haven’t tried it straight out of the fridge yet (my first experience has put me off a bit) but I haven’t given up hope that I can find a dairy-free cheese I love.

… but Sainsbury’s have released some vegan Gary

Yep, Sainsbury’s have a whole range of vegan cheese, including my favourite of all-time, Wensleydale with cranberries. I have a feeling this is going to make Christmas a hell of a lot easier.

How did you cope when you first gave up meat and dairy? Do you have any dairy-free snack suggestions? Let me know in the comments!