Looking Back at My 2016 Goals

And just like that, I’m writing the last blog post of 2016.

Isn’t that crazy? It always seems like time passes so quickly without much happening, but then I think about everything I’ve crammed into the year and realise that actually, I’ve been busy for most of it.

I’ve seen a lot of people say they can’t wait to put 2016 behind them and I can’t say I blame them, frankly.

But in personal terms this year has been pretty damn good. Full of changes, but I’ve finally got to the point where I find this prospect more exciting than terrifying (we’ll see how long that lasts!)

I had a look back at my goals for 2016 to see if things panned out the way I planned them…

Looking back
I’d like to think I was contemplating something deep and meaningful, but I’m pretty sure I was just amazed at how big the Atlantic Ocean is.

2016 Goals

Give the blog a bit of a makeover: Done.
I love my header (thank you, Jemma!) and while I wouldn’t rule out a change in future, I’ve found a template I’m happy with for now.

Make the most of my last days as a student: Done.

I went on plenty of adventures with my housemates and spent time with my uni friends before I left. I miss it and them so much and there are still places in Wales I’d love to explore, but my last weeks there were good.

Graduate from university, preferably with a 1st: Done.

I always feel mega awkward talking about achievements (too British for my own good) but I’m really bloody proud of this one. I wanted that first class degree so badly, so I’m thrilled my hard work paid off.

Find an internship and/or graduate job: Done — sort of.

Although I’m currently unemployed I recently completed a four-month copywriting internship at a digital marketing agency in London, so I feel like I can tick this off the list.

Visit my friend Giulia in Italy: Not done.

In fairness Giulia has barely been in Italy, but this definitely something I need to do when we both get a chance! 

Overhaul my diet: Done

And done to much more of an extent than I initially expected! In September I stopped eating meat and I’m slowly cutting out dairy. I’m not planning to go vegan at this point in time; I’m still eating fish and eggs for now and while I’ll stop eating fish on Monday, I think I’d struggle with eggs. But life as a pescatarian has definitely made me think more about where my food comes from. It’s also made me experiment more when it comes to cooking, which can only be a good thing!

How was 2016 for you? Let me know in the comments (and feel free to link to your own goals, I love reading about them)!