Beauty On a Bad Day

Beauty definitely plays a role in my bad days.

It goes one of two ways  either I can’t be bothered with make-up at all, or I want a full-on face of it. There is no in-between.

Fortunately I have options for both those scenarios, so I thought I’d share them with you today.

Beauty On a Bad Day (Make-Up)

Full Face

There are some days when I like to use make-up to cheer me up. Truthfully this happens most days because I genuinely enjoy getting ready in the morning, but when times are tough and I need a little something extra, I have three fail-safe products.

Winged liner is my favourite eye make-up look, no question, so I grab some Scotch tape and use my favourite liquid eyeliner, theBalm Schwing, to sketch out a sharp flick. This liner is perfectly pigmented  black, not dark grey  and lasts all day with no running, so there’s no need to worry about panda eyes.

Another theBalm favourite now, and it’s the highlighter we all know and love  Mary-Lou Manizer. This champagne-gold shimmer gives skin a gorgeous glow, be it along your cheekbones, in the corner of your eyes, or the cupid’s bow.

No bad-day make-up look would be complete without a killer lippie and recently I’ve been obsessed with Rosie For Autograph Lipstick in Super Model Kiss. A true orange-red, it looks equally stunning with the aforementioned winged liner as it does with a more pared-back look. In fact, a slick of this lipstick is the perfect way to give the impression you’ve made an effort. 

Beauty On a Bad Day (Skincare)

No Make-Up

Whether I’m wearing make-up or not, I always feel better when I’ve had a shower, cleansed, and moisturised. (Seriously, it’s amazing the difference a shower can make; they cure  or at least calm  a multitude of ills.)

My favourite shower gel at the moment was a Christmas gift  Rose Jam (v) from Lush. Sadly it’s part of the seasonal collection, so I stocked up on more bottles while I could! Its gentle rose, lemon, and geranium scent is the perfect pick-me-up, day or night.

(Rose Jam isn’t on sale right now but there are other year-round products with the same scent, including Pearl, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, and the Rose Jam Bubbleroon.)

I’m not particularly good at remembering to use a body lotion, but when I do it’s often one from Soap & Glory. They make loads but The Righteous Butter Lotion (v) is the best, in my opinion. It has all the moisturising power of the original Righteous Butter but with a much lighter consistency, and it sinks in quickly, too.

No bad day ritual would be complete some skincare! I often use The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser when my skin needs something nourishing but light. I follow that with Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream, which makes a noticeable difference at brightening up the eye area. Finally, I finish with Rossi’s Salicylic & Tea Tree Face Moisturiser, which is designed especially for combination skin and has worked wonders at calming down my acne.

What rituals do you have on a bad day? Let me know in the comments!

(v) = vegan