When You’re Stuck

Right now I’m in bed wrapped up like a burrito and I’ve temporarily abandoned my Bill Bryson book  The Road to Little Dribbling, in case you were wondering  so I can write. Sorry, Bill. (I’m on the chapter about the Lakes and loving it.)

By right now, I mean right now as I’m writing this on Sunday evening, not right now as in Monday, when the post will go live. I may be unemployed but I have standards; I wrap myself in blanket burrito on the sofa during the day (but only when it’s freezing). 

Today’s post is the word vomit kind: thoughts and recent worries and the like. Because now the festive season is over and the new year hype has settled down, I’m feeling a bit stuck. Everything is up in the air at the moment  a situation I suspect every recent uni graduate is familiar with  and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Book and Socks

Get my career going‘ was one of my 2017 goals, but I’ve made the classic mistake of being too vague. How will I get it going? Where will I work? I know what’s not right for me, but what do I actually want? These are all questions I need to think about and answer, and I need to find my motivation again.

And so, with the aim of getting worries and general thoughts out of my head and onto paper (or a screen, as it were), here are some lists of things I’ve been thinking about over the past couple of days.

3 Things I’m Stressing About

  • My work plans have been put on hold and could be scuppered entirely – by my cat allergy, of all things.
  • The photographer in the bar on Saturday took a candid picture from an angle which makes my stomach look three months pregnant.
  • Today’s post was supposed to be called 10 Good Things About Being a Graduate and I could only think of two.

2 Things I’d Like to Change

  • I’d like to stop stressing about everything I have no control over.
  • I’d like to own fewer material possessions. There’s a whole load of clutter in my bedroom and it needs to go.

1 Thing That Made Me Smile

  • My friend Dobby gave me an excellent pep talk about love and relationships that included the immortal sentence, ‘You do have resting bitch face, but one day someone will love you because of your resting bitch face’.

6 Things I’m Loving

  • Everyone’s 2017 goals posts. I think re-reading them will help a lot with getting me back into a ‘Let’s do this’ frame of mind and I sincerely hope you lovely lot kick arse this year ♥
  • My 2017 planner from kikki.K. It’s absolutely enormous and has plenty of room for all my notes. Writing in it is an instant mood-booster.
  • Dinners with friends. Is there anything better than talking to loved ones over some delicious food? I think not.
  • Resources from the Vegetarian Society. Their What To Eat guide is full of food suggestions and nutritional information for new vegetarians like me — it’s so helpful. (Click here if you fancy getting your hands on their free resources.)
  • Quiet streets now Christmas is over. As much as I love the festive feeling, large crowds panic me and I’m happy to have a little more breathing space.
  • The lady in my hometown who wears a full-length velvet cloak instead of a coat. Iconic.

How has the first week of January been for you? And how do you motivate yourself? Let me know in the comments!