Bathtime Treats from Bloomtown Botanicals

When I decided to branch out and try some new cruelty-free brands this year, Bloomtown Botanicals were at the top of the list.

Bloomtown Botanicals was born after its founders (Preyanka Clark Prakash and Medwin Culmer) moved to Bali and saw the destruction palm oil cultivation can cause. They stopped using products that contained palm oil and eventually began to create their own. 10% of their profits go to environmental and animal rescue charities, which I think is wonderful!

I’d read some positive reviews and when I looked at their website I was taken in by the array of products they make. All the products are available in Bloomtown Botanicals’ signature scents, such as:

  • The Grove (blood orange and pink grapefruit)
  • The Hedgerow (blackberry and honeysuckle)
  • The Meadow (lavender and rose geranium)
  • The Spring (blue clay and indigo leaf)
  • The Woods (vetiver, cedar and bergamot)

I chose The Hedgerow because the smell of blackberries makes me feel all nostalgic  we used to go blackberry picking with my grandparents when I was a kid and then bake pies. (Which were delicious. It’s been a long time since I’ve had homemade blackberry pie.)

Bloomtown Botanicals

Before I talk about each product individually, I just want to take a moment to rave about the quality of the packaging  it’s definitely the kind of product you put on display. The bottles are glass and I love the classy, minimalist look of the labels. 

Bloomtown Botanicals Salt Soak

The Hedgerow Pink Himalayan Salt Soak

I rarely make the time to have a bath so when I do it’s a proper treat, and I was really looking forward to trying these. I’m never sure how many salts to use so I threw in a good handful and hoped for the best.

The blackberry and honeysuckle fragrance lingered a little while but not ages  15/20 minutes perhaps? But in the end it wasn’t the scent I got most excited about; it was the skincare benefits. My skin felt really soft and soothed afterwards and I later found out this is because the salts are enriched with vitamin E and almond oil.

All in all I felt thoroughly relaxed and slept like a baby later that night. The salt soak would be a great gift for someone who loves a soak in the bath and needs a little time to unwind.

Bloomtown Botanicals Hand & Body Wash

The Hedgerow Hand & Body Wash

I’ll admit, I tend to use this in the shower rather than on my hands but I think having a multipurpose product is a good idea all the same!

The wash foams up without getting in too much of a lather and cleans the skin gently. It doesn’t dry the skin out but I like to use a moisturiser afterwards regardless.

I do find I have to use a couple of pumps on the shower puff, instead of just one, but this fills the bathroom with the beautiful blackberry scent so I’m not quite as put out as I might have been. But it’s something to keep in mind if you like your products to last.

Have you tried anything from Bloomtown Botanicals before? What are your favourite bathtime treats? Let me know in the comments!