A Vegan Lip Kit from Fairypants

We’ve reached the next stage in my quest to find and try more independent cruelty-free brands, and today it’s the turn of vegan beauty brand Fairypants to go under the metaphorical microscope.

Fairypants started back in 2009, selling handmade products at Chester Market. Increasing demand from family and friends caused the business to grow and they now sell cruelty-free cosmetics, skincare, and perfume with snazzy retro packaging.

Absolutely everything in their range is vegan  how wonderful is that?

There are so many different products and shades to choose from that I wasn’t sure where to start (I kinda wanted everything!) but in the end I bought myself a lip balm, a lip paint, and a lip brush; a vegan lip kit, if you will. Lets take a look.

Fairypants Vegan Lip Kit

Margarita Lip Balm (v)

This stuff smells amaaazing. I barely drink anymore, but when I do I’d much rather have a bloody good cocktail and a margarita is one of my favourites, so I had a feeling this was the one for me.

Margarita Lip Balm gives you all of the flavour and none of the shitty after-effects (I’m talking abut you, hangover and spotty chin). It contains sweet almond oil, shea butter, and jojoba wax, which really sink in to moisturise your lips and leave them feeling soft and smooth.

The consistency is a tad thick but you only need to use a little bit to see a difference, so this is a balm that will last. I prefer to keep tubes in my handbag  Margarita is definitely one for keeping round the house.

Dorothy Lip Paint (v)

Like the lip balms, the paints contain shea butter, jojoba wax, and sweet almond oil. The shades are made using mineral mica colours.

There are all kinds of options available  classics like reds and crazy colours like purple and blue  but (surprise!) I went for a pretty shade of pink.

Dorothy looks like a bright, Barbie-esque hue in the pot but is actually much paler and more bubblegum-like once you apply it to your lips. The lip paint offers a subtle hint of colour that works well with a more dramatic eye  I like to wear it with exaggerated winged liner or a soft, daytime smoky eye.

There aren’t really proper swatches on the website at the moment, so I’d recommend using the pictures as a guideline rather than a definitive list, and taking them with a pinch of salt. For example, Dorothy is described as a beginner’s red with orangey pink undertones when it looks nothing like that on me! However, I know Fairypants are working on this after a recent customer survey; I love it when a brand listens.

Lip F250 (v)

And finally, we have something to apply our lip paint with! Fairypants’ brushes use synthetic fibres made from tacklon and the handles are made from sustainably-sourced wood, something I wish was standard throughout the industry.

This particular lip brush picks up a good amount of product and distributes it evenly. The brush head is a nice size for applying lip products, too.

Overall I’m really impressed with Fairypants as a brand  you can tell a lot of love and care goes into making their products (that packaging!) and I really admire their ethical approach.

Have you tried anything from Fairypants before? What would your go-to lip paint shade be? Let me know in the comments!

(v) = vegan