Blog Posts I Loved | March 2017

This post was supposed to be longer originally.

I wanted it to be a whole list of updates and stories and lists and I had notes written here and there, but then on Monday  the day I was going to put everything together  I nearly fainted by the bras in Marks and Spencer (thankfully my mum managed to half-drag me to the baby changing facilities before I collapsed on the floor). I spent Monday and Tuesday in A&E seeing various medical teams to try and figure out what was wrong.

Long story short, everything is okay and normal and good (and the NHS staff are all amazing!), but it meant I didn’t get things done the way I planned to. And now I’ve had time to think about it, I want to change what I was planning anyway  hopefully you’ll be getting a revised, more in-depth updates post at the end of next month instead!

One thing I had finished for today was a list of blog posts I enjoyed this month, the ones I found particularly useful, moving, and really bloody interesting. It seems a shame not to share them with you, so here’s the list! Enjoy, and please feel free to leave links in the comments, be it for your own March posts or others’ ❤

Blog Posts I Loved in March

What were your favourite reads in March? Let me know in the comments!